Nate Diaz’s Latest Mysterious Tweet Has Fans Worried

Nate Diaz vs. Dustin Poirier was confirmed as the co-main event for UFC 230, but the UFC Nate Diaz drama isn’t over…

One of the most popular fighters in the UFC Nate Diaz has been posting some cryptic stuff on Twitter again. After being confirmed for his Octagon return at UFC 230, Diaz decided he was once again unhappy with the UFC…

During a two-year absence from the UFC Nate Diaz spent a lot of time having fun and partying. Since going 1-1 against fellow superstar Conor McGregor, the Stockton native had a lot more money to play around with.

Prior to those two fights against ‘The Notorious,’ Diaz was facing stern competition but on a much lower paycheck. It came as no surprise to learn that Diaz wasn’t going to return until the UFC made him a big offer.

Although the exact terms of Diaz’s return are still unknown, his comeback was confirmed last week. But, it appears the UFC Nate Diaz standoff is far from over.

The saga continues…Nate Diaz UFC Return in Jeopardy?

After the promotion announced Diaz would fight Dustin Poirier, they put on a 25th-anniversary press conference. Within that show, the UFC also announced a number of other big events and fights for the remainder of 2018.

Right in the closing moments of the presser, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor was confirmed as the UFC 229 main event. Diaz, who was announced as the co-main event of UFC 230 the following month, was not happy.

He stated ‘f*ck the UFC,’ after storming from the press conference, also claiming he ‘wouldn’t fight on that show.’ Now, four days later, Diaz issued the following Tweet:


Again not fully declaring he won’t fight, Diaz’s Tweet has left fans wondering and worrying. Should he withdraw from the fight against ‘The Diamond,’ Nate Diaz will likely find himself in a very tough position.

UFC president Dana White already declared the Diaz saga ‘not my problem.’ Meanwhile, Conor McGregor gets an instant title shot against Khabib on his return. Perhaps Diaz’s co-main status and somewhat backseat to another round of the McGregor show is what has him frustrated once again.

Question is will Diaz actually pull out of UFC 230?

Image sourced from Nate Diaz’s Instagram account; @NateDiaz209

“My Bitches”

Diaz is upset, claiming White has been “bad-mouthing” him by saying he’s turned down multiple fight offers over the past 2 years. Nate insists he’s “never turned down a fight in my life.”

There’s more … we also asked Nate who he’s got in the Conor vs. Khabib match — and he replied, “I whipped one’s ass and I slapped the f*ck out of the other one so they’re both my little bitches.”

“I had a lawsuit so I wasn’t able to fight, and Dana said I turned down all these fights. When Conor had a lawsuit from the Mayweather fight, Dana said ‘oh Conor can’t fight because of the lawsuit.’ He had Conor’s back like that but not mine.”

UFC “better start acting right and start over-promoting [me] instead of under promoting.”


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