Video: UFC Fighter Beats Up Two Dudes While Recording it From His Cell Phone

Two drunk dudes or a UFC fighter, where would your money be?

The mysterious video has fans arguing over who the self-professed UFC fighter was. Clearly way more talented than the two drunken thugs who had allegedly followed him down the street, the fighter batters his assailants while recording the entire fight from his cell phone…

Street fights are one of those things that most people will never want to take part in. Arguably, most people will do their most to avoid these confrontations even when being pushed by an aggressor.

For some people, though, it is a common occurrence. Whether or not one agrees with scrapping on the tiles, sometimes self-defense is necessary for self-preservation. This is by no means to say that some of the nasty youtube videos floating around are justified.

When backed into a corner, though, sometimes the only remedy is a good old fashioned dust up.

Bloodied: One of the thugs bleeds heavily from the nose

Two Drunks vs. One ‘UFC Fighter’

Claiming he ‘trains UFC,’ this one-handed hero went viral following a late-night confrontation with two would-be tough guys. During the video, the man claims to be defending himself against the apparent attackers, all while recording it from his mobile phone.

Needless to say, one would either have to be naturally alpha as f*ck or perhaps a well trained MMA fighter as the recording man claims to be. He even drops in ‘I train with Chuck Liddell,’ as a warning to the continuously advancing duo.

Indicators that the man might be telling the truth are many. Firstly, he repeatedly warns the men to stop following him, indicating that he is trying to give them a way out. If history tells us anything, it’s that martial artists will always try and talk a situation away from the point of violence.

The second man appeared to catch a worse beating than his companion

I Train With Chuck Liddell, Bro

Secondly, the man recording has an eerily similar voice to that of UFC heavyweight veteran Ben Rothwell. As it turns out, Rothwell has actually trained with ‘The Iceman’ Chuck Liddell in the past.

Lastly, the guy is BEATING UP TWO DUDES while recording with the other hand, that is just crazy.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself:

Funnily enough, one comment from social media came from a guy who went to school with the two shirtless hoods in the clip:

Insanity that I went to high school with these 2 kids… only people I’ve ever known to receive the worldstar lime light.

Another commenter pointed out how ‘meaty’ the fighter’s hand was, while reassuring other readers he was ‘no homo.’

He said he fights UFC. He’s not on the roster but he means that he trains UFC. Any guy that says that while fighting multiple sober people while recording has to be telling the truth. His hands sound meaty af no homo. Look at Chuck Liddell’s hands. This guy obviously trains somewhere.

What do you think?


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