UFC Just Released Three Electrifying Videos for Khabib vs. McGregor

With UFC 229 just around the corner. The UFC has released some hair-raising promo videos for fans to chew on before the big day arrives.UFC 229 is fast approaching, set to feature some amazing fights and match ups it looks to blow the previous record for PPV buy’s out the water.

On October 6th, the UFC’s two biggest stars face off in a fight fueled by genuine hatred for each other. Conor McGregor, returning to the octagon after what would’ve been 692 days against the most dominant fighter the world has ever seen in Khabib Nurmagomedov. Khabib is currently undefeated with the flawless record of 26 wins and 0 losses.

Tickets for the anticipated title fight sold out in approximately 3 minutes. The cheapest tickets coming in at 250 bucks a pop. Ranging all the way up to 2500. It is the fight everyone is talking about and to keep it that way the UFC released three adrenaline-fueled promo videos.

UFC 223 is the last time we saw Khabib fight. After chopping and changing opponents several times. He fought Ragin Al Iaquinta and dominated him over 5 rounds. Image source: MMA Fighting.

Spine-Tingling Khabib vs McGregor Promos (Videos Below)

McGregor’s last fight in the Octagon was for the Lightweight title where he made easy work of Eddie Alvarez, another sensational fighter he was able to make look like an amateur. This was the first time the UFC hosted an event at Madison Square Garden. The next is at UFC 230.

Here are the three promo videos released by the UFC for the MMA giants fight. They highlight everything you would need to know about this bout. The backgrounds, the fights. So if you didn’t already know about the two fighters you will after this.

This hatred between the two fighters stems from an incident before UFC 223. After an argument between Artem Lobov (a sparring partner of Conor’s) and Khabib, McGregor sought out to hurt Khabib. Smashing the fighter bus window with a dolly and actually canceling three fights off of the card and injuring Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg.

The incident made national news and saw McGregor under trial for several months until being cleared and then accepting the megafight.

If that doesn’t hype you up for this fight then we don’t know what will.

Khabib vs McGregor: Stylistic Nightmares

Stylistically, Khabib is a nightmare for Conor. But also vice versa. Conor is a nightmare stylistically for Khabib. McGregor’s only UFC loss coming via submission on the ground, where Khabib thrives. However, Khabib has a tendency to take a lot of shots. We all know no one can take that left-hand shot from McGregor.

These differences and weaknesses in styles make the fight almost unpredictable. McGregor is used to fighting against the odds. The whole world expected him to get steamrolled by Aldo. But we all know how that turned out. What’s to stop him from proving the world wrong again?


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