This Double Amputee is One of The Bravest Men in Martial Arts History

    Augustin Serrano competes and wins in the 2017 Sambo championships in Russia…

    Having courage is essential to compete in combat sports. For double amputee Augustin Serrano, quitting is not an option as he competes in some of the world’s toughest sports without any legs…

    Arguably one of the toughest sports today, Sambo has a long and storied history that all started in 1920’s Russia. Developed by the Soviet Red Army, Sambo is essentially a mix of multiple styles to create efficient and brutal hand-to-hand combat.

    Undeniably the best combat sport to come out of Russia, famous practitioners include UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, former heavyweight king Fedor Emelianenko, and even Wladimir Putin.

    Including Jiu Jitsu, Judo, boxing, catch wrestling and many other styles, international pressure is being aimed at the Olympic committee to include Sambo in the 2020 games.

    Our story today is about a man named Augustin Serrano, a double amputee who competes in Sambo and Jiu-Jitsu at the top level.

    Augustin Serrano stands opposite his opponent from China during the 2017 Sambo world championships

    True Grit

    Uruguayan Augustin Serrano could really teach us all a lesson. Not only is he a double amputee who is an active athlete, he is doing it at the world level and in sambo/jiu-jitsu. What drives a man like this to compete?

    Speaking via, Serrano told his story of how he lost his legs and why he got into martial arts and sport:

    “At 2 and a half years old I suffered from a disease called fulminant meningococcal purpura,” Serrano told Montevideo Portal about his story and explained: “As a consequence the loss of both legs below the knee and much of it of the phalanx of the fingers.”

    “Despite this I had a normal childhood and I was always a very sporty person. At 19, I met jiu-jitsu (martial art) with my friend Gastón Martínez. I introduce myself to Pablo Solís, professor of muay thai and jiu jitsu of the Fight Club academy, who invited me to take a class.”

    Victory For Augustin Serrano in 2017 Sambo Championships

    “From the beginning, I have competed. Winning and losing many fights too. Travelling to Brazil and Argentina, even fight in a prestigious championship in New Zealand”, he explained.

    “My professor was named official member of the International Sambo Federation in Russia. We came together with my partner Federico Soriano to compete in the World Cup in that country,” he said.

    “Due to organizational problems they did not let me compete in my category. We were able to achieve a fight agreed with China that I won by points.”

    Augustin Serrano grapples his Chinese opponent

    “I Always Adapt”

    “I compete with anyone of equal to equal. They have invited me to fight with special categories but never in my life I felt special, different, or anything like that”.

    “In life I always did the same thing as other guys. Although I know that for rivals it has its advantages and its disadvantages, that’s why very good fights come in. Obviously, there are techniques that I can not do, but there are positions that I do that the rest cannot “

    “I always adapt, that’s what jiu-jitsu is about, it’s a sport created so that the smallest fighter can beat the biggest and I took it as a way of life. The sport helped me both physically and mentally. I try to apply it daily. I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy, but it’s possible, that’s enough for me. “



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