The Result of Fighting Mike Tyson in a Street Fight

Early in his career, Mike Tyson was the most feared man in the world. Despite leaving a trail of bodies when he stepped into the boxing ring Mitch “Blood” Green still decided to start a street fight with him.

Green himself was a Boxer and before deciding to fight Iron Mike in the streets he had actually fought him in the ring in 1986. He was the second man to go the distance with Tyson. He clearly lost the one-sided fight, but none the less still went the distance. Maybe that is why he thought he had what it took to beat him in the streets.

It was 1988, two years after their Boxing match. Tyson was in Harlem with a friend shopping at a store named  Dapper Dan’s. Being that unlike today there were no cell phones to record video in 1988 you get two very different stories from each fighter without being able to see what happened.

Mike Tyson claims that Green approached him looking for a confrontation and grabbed his shirt ripping it. At which point he defended himself. Green, on the other hand, says that Mike Tyson sucker punched him and that he could not retaliate because at that point people held him back.

Mike Tyson during his prime

Street Fighting Stories

Other versions of the story are that Tyson knocked Green down and then pounded on his face. Probably the funniest is that Tyson punched Green and ran away afterward. Could you picture Mike Tyson running away from anyone? He certainly didn’t run from Wesley Snipes.

In interviews, Tyson did say he was scared because it had been about seven years since he had been in a street fight. Who knows if the man was really scared, maybe he was just trying to paint the picture of being the victim.

The first thing that is certain is that Mike Tyson suffered a hairline fracture in his right hand from the scuffle which ended up postponing his fight with Frank Bruno. The second thing that is certain is that Mitch Green had to have five stitches on the bridge of his nose and his left eye was swollen shut because of the scuffle. If that was damaged from one punch that is impressive power from Tyson.

One eye closed, Mitch Green talks about the fight to reporters…

The damage that Mitch Green was left with after the street fight

Afterward, Tyson continued to dominate in the Boxing ring until he had hurdles in his career such as his prison sentence for rape. Now he is a pop culture icon and appears in movies and has a very large fanbase. Green, on the other hand, didn’t do much more in  Boxing and it seems his claim to fame was his street fight with Tyson.

Green did sue Tyson for 25 million dollars and after nearly nine years was awarded only $45,000. That money did not cover his legal fees for the lawsuit.

Mitch Green clearly had no fear but I bet he wishes he could go back in time and make sure he was nowhere near Dapper Dan’s on that night in Harlem. You can check out some interviews and stories above from both fighters on what happened that night.


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