The Fighter Known As “The Pistol” Just Scored A Bareknuckle Clothesline Knockout

Diego Garijo fights under the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Image Source:

Any combat sports fan knows the brutality of fighting, whether it be boxing, kickboxing or MMA. No combat sport quite matches up to Bare Knuckle Boxing. With 0 padding on their hands, bare-knuckle boxers go to war with perhaps the highest chance of injury in any sport…

Bareknuckle boxing is experiencing a massive revival in North America right now. Arguably at the forefront of that rejuvination is budding promotion BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships).

BKFC or Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship is a relatively new organization. Having only hosted a few events and featuring a UFC fighter of their own in Bec Rawlings. Before BKFC was made, bare-knuckle fights were underground and only filmed on youtube. Now they have their own PPV’s. A huge revolution for combat sports.

Garijo and Shoaff fought on the BKFC 2 card and boy oh boy was it insanity… Image Source: The Fight Chamber.

Nonstop Action (VIDEO BELOW)

Diego “Dos Pistolas” Garijo is an MMA fighter who holds a solid record of 7 wins and 1 loss, a formidable record. Tom Shoaff is also an MMA fighter that has a record of 8 wins and 3 losses. Much like Bec Rawlings, they signed with BKFC from MMA and they both seem to be having a blast…

The pair fought at BKFC 2 and it goes without saying, this is one of the most savage fights we have ever watched. only lasting a few minutes but having us going nuts from start to finish.

Both fighters came out swinging, in close and trading left, right and centre. It seemed Shoaff was having more success until Garijo landed a huge shot for the first knockdown. From there it was all Garijo as he lands another huge right not long after that sends Shoaff’s head bouncing back through the canvas to end the fight.

Here’s the official fight for you all to enjoy as much as we did…

If your jaw isn’t hanging off from awe from watching that insanity then what will it take? BKFC returns on February 2nd for BKFC 4. If there are fights like this every card then this can easily contend with the top organizations. Would you pay organizations like this?


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