The Only Place in America Where Street Fights are Legal

There are many ways for people to settle their disagreements. Some prefer to do so with their fists, but that can get you in trouble.

If you live in the state of Washington in the United States then you might be pleasantly surprised by their mutual combat law. While in many other places you can get in trouble for fighting. In the state of Washington if you and the other party agree to fight then you can throw down and not worry about getting in trouble. There are some rules that need to be followed for this to be in effect and no one to get in trouble.

If you are to engage in mutual combat with someone you need to meet a few criteria. First and foremost no one involved in the fight can be drunk or high. Neither party can be mentally ill and it can’t be between two people involved in a domestic relationship. You might here domestic relationship and think about a few different things, but basically, you can’t have ever lived with the person you are fighting. If you and your best friend lived together and have a disagreement you can’t engage in mutual combat, even if you haven’t lived with each other for years. If you meet all of these criteria the last thing you can’t do is cause any property damage or harm any bystanders.

Fighting to settle your differences or just for fun is legal!

One of the best caught on video incidents involving mutual combat featured MMA fighter, Phoenix Jones. If you are not aware of Phoenix Jones, he is also a crime-fighting superhero. I kid you not he walks around in a costume trying to prevent crime. About five or six years ago he was in Washington. While on a patrol he had a confrontation with a man. The cops showed up and eventually informed them that if they agree to fight then it is okay. Guess what they did? They agreed to fight. You can watch that video below.

The action continued until one man went down under mutual combat.

It is pretty crazy to think that you can fight someone on the streets and potentially not get in trouble. I bet there are plenty of people that have gotten in trouble for fighting that wish the area they lived in allowed mutual combat. It can also be dangerous, allowing violence to take place on the street even if both parties agree can lead to a situation getting out of hand. In the Phoenix Jones video the man he beat was very upset afterward, but luckily Jones and his team were smart enough to keep moving after the cops told them to do so.

You might say to yourself that fights in boxing gyms and karate studios are mutual combat. You are right they are, and it is probably better to engage in a place like that. What is crazy is that mutual combat can also occur on the street. In most places, you get caught fighting in the street even if both parties agree to it and you are getting in trouble.

What are your thoughts on mutual combat? Would you engage in mutual combat on the street or only in a gym or controlled environment. It is probably better just not to fight out on the street. Keep in mind that there are way too many variables that can come into play and cause things to end up very badly.


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