The Muay Thai Way

The Muay Thai Way is a short documentary by Jeff Sainlar. The main subject is Suratan Nauykeaw, an eight year old with seven fights under his belt who is looking to follow in his fathers footsteps.

There are big debates about kids being involved in prize fighting, but regardless of what you think about it you have to give credit to these little warriors like Suratan that step into the ring.

“Children of Muay Thai in Thailand begin training and fighting as young as 5 and 6 years old.

These children are drawn in to Muay Thai prize-fighting, in what they see as a route out of poverty.

Parents of poor children are keen for them to fight in the hope that if they start early enough they can develop the necessary conditioning and skills for big fights in Bangkok, where the money is.

It is the country’s national sport and with leagues and successful fighters being treated like celebrities, many of these youngsters aspire to become like them.

These little fighters are upholding a centuries old tradition and despite their young age, the fight is very real with none of the boys holding back.
This is a story of a father and son and their bond through the martial art of Muay Thai.”


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