The Most Dangerous Man In Combat Sports Warns Muay Thai King Buakaw

Buakaw has had a target on his back since he became an international superstar fighting for K-1. Now he is in the sights of the most dangerous man in combat sports.

Lethwei world champion Dave Leduc made it clear today that Buakaw is now on his hit list. The brash and controversial Lethwei star has taken the little-known sport on his shoulders the last few years and started to bring it some serious attention internationally.

Also known as Burmese Bare Knuckle Boxing, Lethwei is considered the world’s most brutal sport. The only way to win is by knockout or it is a draw after five rounds, no gloves are worn, headbutts are legal and you can call a two minute time out to revive a fighter that has been knocked out. It doesn’t get more hardcore and brutal than that.

Leduc started competing in Lethwei in 2016 and in two years has become its biggest draw. He has become synonymous with the sport because of his ability to market the sport and his own brand. His fighting style is sheer violence. He frequents elbows and headbutts, he fights full blast from the start of the fight until the end, which has made him a favorite.

The community in Myanmar is going crazy over his comments.

Today Leduc took aim at Muay Thai superstar and probably the most popular Muay Thai fighter of all time, Buakaw.

Leduc fired shots on facebook stating:

“Buakaw is visiting Yangon… It’s my city… If a Muaythai champ from Thailand comes to Yangon, he has to ask me for permission, if not then we must fight.”

Apparently, Buakaw didn’t get his permission. We reached out to Leduc about his comments and it was very clear that he wants Buakaw in the Lethwei ring. Being that Yangon is the capital of Myanmar and Lethwei is the equivalent to Myanmar as Muay Thai is to Thailand, Leduc felt it was only proper for Buakaw’s camp to talk to the King of Lethwei about their visit.

“In Lethwei, you don’t need a lot of volume to draw blood just one jab at the right place and then the headbutts and elbows follow. He can’t hide behind pillow 8oz gloves. It’s the real deal, stand and bang, Lethwei is the most effective striking sport in the world. I don’t give a s–t about doing fighting with scoring systems. There aren’t point systems in Lethwei and the streets, its all about inflicting maximum damage. People are seeing that Lethwei is exploding around the world, and the city of Letwhei is Yangon, my city. He’s lucky I’m in Dubai right now. Yangon is not Bangkok, there’s a protocol to follow, Lethwei is a sport for real men. I want to show him what respect is. Showing up in my town unannounced…” – Dave Leduc

Leduc has made Myanmar his adopted home.

Dave Leduc waving the Myanmar flag after a victory.

Leduc took things to a different level by stating that Buakaw would not last three rounds with him in the Lethwei ring. He is even willing to meet Buakaw under his rules if Buakaw is willing to meet him under Lethwei rules.

“He wouldn’t last 3 rounds in the Lethwei ring with me. This is not kickboxing Buakaw. It is the art of 9 limbs. Let’s give the fighting world a favor before we both retire let’s meet in the Lethwei ring. If you manage to do a draw, I’ll do that pillow fight with you in Muaythai, but first the real deal.”

This would be a fight that could definitely bring some big attention to Lethwei and Muay Thai. The biggest fight for Buakaw would be a fight with Muay Thai legend Yodsanklai Fairtex, but fans have accepted that they will never see that fight. Buakaw is often criticized for fighting easier opposition, but a fight like this would get fans excited.

A lot of fighters fight Buakaw and give him to much respect, it is safe to say that won’t be an issue with Dave Leduc. Two worlds would collide and would have peoples attention. Leduc’s comments have already gone viral in Myanmar and people are buzzing at just the thought.

Will Buakaw respond? What are your thoughts of Leduc calling him out?


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