The Most Dangerous Man In Combat Sports Must Defend Or Vacate The Title

Dave Leduc’s last title defense ended in a brutal KO.

Dave Leduc has become known as the most dangerous man in combat sports and with good reason.

For anyone not familiar with Dave, he is the open weight Lethwei champion of the world and that is what has earned him the title of most terrifying man in combat sports. If you aren’t familiar with the sport of Lethwei then you are missing out on the most brutal sport in the world.

One thing that makes Lethwei different from other sports aside from its rule set is that if you are a champion you have an obligation to fulfill. In other sports, champions delay title defenses sometimes going years without doing so. Fighters decide when they call the shots for the most part. Often times champions defend their titles once a year and don’t always fight the rightful challenger. If only it were that easy for a fighter to remain the champion without fighting in Lethwei.

Tun Tun Min who is considered one of the best Lethwei fighters of all time and the man Dave Leduc defeated to win his title has laid down a formal challenge. What does this mean? Because Tun Tun Min is the right challenger then Dave is forced to defend his title or he will be stripped. There are no delays, no postponements just defend or get stripped.

Tun Tun Min wants the belt back.

Tun Tun Min got what he wanted, a third fight with Dave Leduc.

The fight which takes place December 16, 2018, in Yangon, Myanmar is the definition of what combat sports is all about. A champion doing his duty and defending his belt. Dave was planning on taking time off for the holidays, but when the challenge was laid down by Tun Tun Min for a fight in December he had two options. Don’t fight in December and vacate the title, or defend your title regardless of whatever else is going on. Dave chose the latter setting up the stage for the biggest fight in Lethwei history.

The two fighters have a history between them. Dave faced Tun Tun Min in his second Lethwei fight ever and ended up shocking everyone when the fight ended in a draw. Before continuing it is probably a good time to go over the rules of Lethwei for anyone that is not familiar. You can only win by KO or a fight is a draw after five rounds. Headbutts are legal, no gloves, and if a fighter gets KO’d his team can call a two minute time out to revive him so he can continue fighting. Going back to the history between the two, the pair fought for a second time in Dave’s third fight. This time around Dave won by TKO after Tun Tun Min couldn’t continue because of a leg injury.

When we spoke to Leduc about the title defense his answer was simple: “real champions defend their belts.”

The second fight between Dave Leduc and Tun Tun Min.

Dave mentioned that the original date wouldn’t work because his trainer would not be able to be in his corner and after some back and forth negotiation the 16th of December was agreed upon.

The reason this fight is so big for Lethwei and Myanmar is that Tun Tun Min is the hometown hero. He was the poster boy for Lethwei in Myanmar until Dave Leduc came around. Adding to the story is that Dave plans on retiring after this fight. It would be a big deal if a foreigner retires the champion, so Tun Tun Min has a tall task in ensuring that he takes that belt away from Dave. We can expect fireworks in this one.


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