The Knockout So Brutal They Had To Revive Goliath With Oxygen

    ‘Iron’ Raul Catinas is relatively small for a heavyweight, but my God has he knocked out some giant fighters…

    We’ve seen countless David vs. Goliath videos from combat sports, but this guy is somewhat unique. Raul Catinas has been the smaller man in nearly all his fights at heavyweight…

    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. That saying rings true in combat sports and has been proved countless times. Needless to say, size can be a massive advantage, but only if the fighter is skilled enough to use it.

    You could have a six-inch reach advantage over your opponent but it would all be for nothing if the smaller fighter is more skilled. ‘Giant killer’ is not a term thrown around that much in modern combat sports.

    Guys like Jon Jones and Anderson Silva are perfect examples of tall fighters who know how to use their reach.

    Raul Catinas is not tall, but he is a big puncher…

    Raul Catinas Slays a Giant (Video Below)

    Standing just 5 foot 9 inches tall, ‘Iron’ Raul Catinas is dwarfed by the percentage of his heavyweight opponents. In the land of giants, Catinas has been able to make quite the impact regardless of his smaller stature.

    During one particular bout, Raul Catinas faced lumbering Dutch giant Ricardo Van Den Bos. Under the ‘Superkombat’ banner, Catinas was seven inches shorter when he faced the four-time WBC Muay Thai champion.

    Watch as Catinas demolishes ‘The Boss’ with a savage combination. Van Den Bos remained floored for a few minutes and had to be revived by medics using oxygen:


    The Romanian has a long list of brutal knockouts on his record. Out of 24 victories, Raul Catinas has finished 15 opponents during his kickboxing career. Perhaps more interesting is the fact Catinas retired from kickboxing in 2015 to take up MMA training.

    Last we heard of his progress was an image showing Catinas training with Alexander Gustafsson and Jimi Manuwa at Alliance MMA. Could a chance at the UFC be in Raul Catinas’ future?

    Check out this wicked highlight of some of Catinas’ best knockouts:

    Raul Catinas – In The Land of Giants

    Iron Raul Catinas is Not The Biggest Heavyweight at 5 FT 9But He Hits Like a TrainCredit: Superkombat Fighting Championship

    Posted by MMA Videos on Monday, December 11, 2017

    Heavy Hands

    It would most certainly be interesting to see how ‘Iron’ got on in the top level MMA shows. So far his record stands at 1-0 in mixed martial arts, rather surprisingly that victory came by a submission.

    Recent photos from Raul Catinas facebook page show him looking considerably more slimmed than his heavyweight days. Perhaps a move to light-heavyweight is being planned for the continuation of his MMA career.

    Fellow kickboxer Gokhan Saki made the transition to the world of MMA this year. Having gone 1-1, both coming by brutal KO, Saki’s future is still uncertain in the UFC. Currently living and training out of Stockholm, Sweden, and with the likes of Gustafsson and Manuwa, Catinas is in good hands.

    Assuming he has worked considerably on his ground game, could Raul Catinas bring his exciting style to the UFC octagon and be successful?


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