The 17-Year-Old Russian Hulk Taking The Internet By Storm

This 17-year-old bodybuilder has been getting a lot of attention online…

This is Tamaev Axsab, a teenage bodybuilder who boasted the biggest neck of anyone under 18 years old. He is truly a hulk, especially at such a young age, and has even been lifting cars…

When bodybuilding started gaining global popularity in the 1970’s, human beings became marvels of physical science. Bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno made the phenomenon and global craze.

Fast forward to modern day, and most people at least go to the gym and keep fit. Bodybuilding is a way of life for a lot of fitness fanatics, even if they don’t compete in a competition.

When done properly and safely, sculpting one’s body to a lean mass of muscle can be a fascinating and satisfying experience. Like with most things in life, though, it comes with dangers.

Perhaps the biggest notable hazard associated with bodybuilding is steroid misuse. Which brings us to the subject of today’s article. A 17-year-old boy named Tamaev Axsab:

Tamaev Axsab has a ridiculously physique for such a young guy. But will it come at a cost to his later age? Image credit: This is Interesting channel on Youtube

17-Year-Old Russian Hulk

Still studying at school, this 17-year-old Russian Hulk is somehow bigger than most grown bodybuilders. Obviously, he is taking steroids as well as workout supplements and a large calorie-high diet.

At just 17, there’s no point denying his steroid use, and Tamaev openly admits his use of steroids. Although extremely dangerous, by the age of 16 Tamaev’s risk-taking was getting him noticed.

His Instagram accounts have millions of followers and his videos have been seen around the world.


Like most childhood phenoms, Tamaev will likely go on to score some decent money using the physique he has made. But, and it’s a big one, at what cost will this notoriety come? Most bodybuilders start young, but this guy was a chunk of muscle by 16, and not naturally.

Then again, he didn’t exactly come from a privileged background, as you can see by his somewhat crude workout videos.

The Next BIG Thing

Remember that guys like Sage Northcutt and Little Hercules were also crazy shredded at a very young age. Certainly, in the case of Northcutt, he went on to score a decent job as a fighter in the UFC.

For Tamaev Axsab, the benefit, both in publicity and self-image, is most certainly worth the risk. Axsab says he started training weights when he was just nine years old, due to being the ‘skinniest kid’ in class.

Self-image is a big part of why most people lift weights. Perhaps the ‘modern man’ image portrayed in movies and magazines also contributes to the popularity of lifting big weights and taking the supplements and in some cases steroids associated with this body type.

Many readers will question the safety of using growth hormones and steroids at such a young age, and quite rightly so. The human body is meant to develop hormones naturally, but the pursuit for size and strength is too overpowering some.


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