Tenshin Nasukawa Sends Warning Video To Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is currently scheduled to put on an ‘exhibition’ Boxing match against undefeated kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa. Image Source: Evening Standard.

The news never stops with Mayweather it seems, he always stays relevant in the media. Regardless, after the speculation and cancellation of his Rizin fight, it is now back on.

We all know this, what’s drawn us back to this topic is the absolutely terrifying video Tenshin released to Instagram that was directed at Floyd. Starting to see why Floyd’s hands are full…

Like all fights nowadays, the hype is one of the more important aspects to both fighters, and why wouldn’t it be? The more buys the more money, the more attendance the more money, you get the idea.

Any Mayweather fight is bound to bring some cash, hence the nickname ‘Money’. But if you weren’t aware of how scary Tenshin is then this video may give you a brief showcase.

Mayweather’s last fight was against PPV and MMA king Conor McGregor which brought Mayweather more than a hundred million dollars for his payday. Image Source: SB Nation.

“My Speed > Your Experience”

If fighting a 20-year-old, undefeated kickboxer and MMA fighter isn’t scary enough for the undefeated Boxer, then this video may just scare Floyd out of it. The fight is meant to be an ‘exhibition match’ which is to just showcase some boxing skills. Buakaw has broken these rules before and sparked out his opponent after the first round.

Maybe Tenshin will do the same.

This is definitely the scariest thing I’ve watched today. Focus on the speed of Tenshin and also bear in mind this kid is only 20 years old. His best is yet to come. The caption states ” I’m not sure if a 42-year-old can react to these” Now I know Floyd is one of the best defensive boxers in the world, but Tenshin is a different breed of fighter and personally I’m not sure if Floyd can handle it if Tenshin turns it on mid-fight.

Maybe Floyd has the same idea and is going to knock out Tenshin mid fight too. The exhibition match takes place at Rizin 14 on new years eve, so we’ll be waiting to keep you updated here on Muay Thai Authority.


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