Tenshin Nasukawa Fires Back At Conor McGregor

Tenshin is no stranger to being a showman like McGregor and Mayweather.a fire

Tenshin Nasuwaka might be a new name for fight fans, but he isn’t intimidated by the international limelight that he has been thrust into.

The 20-year old Kickboxing phenom has gained attention from every major media outlet that otherwise would not have covered him because he is set to face Boxing PPV king Floyd Mayweather at Rizin’s show in Japan on New Year’s Eve. The fight has everyone scratching their heads with plenty of questions that still need answering, but one thing that it isn’t lacking is hype.

Last year Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather met in the Boxing ring in what was a huge fight for combat sports. Mayweather won the fight by TKO in the 10th round and even though McGregor has wanted a rematch in MMA rules, it likely won’t ever happen. That doesn’t mean that McGregor won’t weigh in on Mayweather’s fight with Tenshin.

McGregor fired off a message on Instagram poking fun at the fight an basically calling Tenshin a nobody, but the youngster wasn’t intimidated and fighter back a response of his own on Twitter. The kid definitely isn’t one to shy away even from a superstar like McGregor.

McGregor held nothing back with his response to the fight.

Complete disrespect towards Tenshin from McGregor.

“Who’s this little prick next to you ? That’s mad shit. Like something out of rush hour 5 or something. Chris tucker and Jackie fucking Chan back in this bitch.” said McGregor.

The comments are pretty disrespectful towards Tenshin and not because McGregor has no clue who he is, but because he lumps him into a stereotype. Tenshin is Japanse not Chinese like Jackie Chan. McGregor does give Mayweather credit, however, because he realizes that he stands to make a lot of money and if Mayweather and McGregor have one thing in common is that they both like to make money.

It wasn’t long before Tenshin responded to McGregor’s Instagram post with a tweet that outlined a few basics and even took a jab at him for his loss to Mayweather. Tenshin is definitely taking advantage of the spotlight he is under now and that could pay off huge for him.

Tenshin was not backing down from McGregor.

He is taking advantage of the limelight.

Tenshin made sure there was no confusion as to who he was addressing. He mentioned McGregor by name and tagged his Twitter account. You have to hand it to the kid, he has a pair on him. Not only is he fighting Floyd and giving up around 20 pounds, but he is also willing to throw verbal jabs with the GOAT of trash talking.

“Hello, Mr. McGregor. My Name is Tenshin Nasukawa. I am not Jackie Chan. I promise to avenge your loss, so please watch my fight. @TheNotoriousMMA” tweeted Tenshin.

It will be interesting to see if McGregor fires back. If he does it could be the best thing that happens to Tenshin or the worst depending on how savage McGregor’s response is. He might not respond, however, since doing so will only give the fight more attention. Or who knows maybe he would want a crack at Tenshin in the MMA ring considering he is 4-0 in the sport.

It definitely has been a few interesting days in combat sports with this news. Now let’s see if the fight actually takes place on New Year’s Eve.


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