Teenager Dies Training For Muay Thai Fight

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Weight cutting has been a highly debated topic, but unfortunately as it is still getting sorted out it seems it has claimed another life.

18 year old Australian amateur fighter Jessica Lindsay passed away November 14 after being admitted to the hospital four days earlier due to sever dehydration. She was training for an upcoming fight and collapsed as she was cutting weight.

The coroner is currently investigating the case, but it is believed that Jessica was healthy before her collapse.

Earlier this year Scotland’s Jordan Coe passed away in Thailand while he attempted to cut weight for a Muay Thai fight. It used to be belived that this was an MMA issue, but weight cutting is common practice in Muay Thai as well. The issue of weight cutting has always been debated and is now common in all combat sports. The fact that this happened with an amateur fighter is even more worrying. You can justify pro fighters cutting weight to get every advantage possible when there is money on the line. Amateurs, however, don’t get paid and them cutting weight is something that many people don’t agree with.

Some of the changes that are being called for are same day weigh-ins. This would hopefully prevent fighters from dehydrating themselves and then coming into the fight 20 lbs heavier. This would also reduce the risks of tragedies occurring during weight cuts. This is not a problem that only happens in smaller promotions, large promotions like the UFC have had fighters pull out because of issues during weight cuts.

21 year old Muay Thai fighter dies while cutting weight

Jordan Coe.

Even if rules are put in place there will always be athletes that are willing to push themselves to the limits if they think it will give them an advantage. It is just as important for the fighters and their team to understand the risks that are taken when cutting weight. It is a difficult thing to solve especially with professional athletes, but there is no place for this in any fight that involves teenagers.

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