Tai Chi vs. MMA Fight Ends Fast

One of the longest running arguments in martial arts is about which style is better.

Everyone has a different opinion, but every now and then we get a chance to see a showdown. Tai Chi master Wei Lei and MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong put their skills to the test.

For those not familiar with Tai Chi, it is a Chinese martial art that is highly respected in the country. When you hear people talking about the “Iron Fist” they are likely referring to Tai Chi. For MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong a lot of the traditional martial arts are not effective in his opinion and he has been very vocal about this.

Xiaodong laid down a challenge that he can take on any traditional martial artist. This led to the showdown with Wei Lei and it did not last long. You have to remember that Tai Chi and other martial arts have styles, that are followed so that it is implemented correctly while MMA is a free for all. It didn’t take long after the fight started for Xiaodong to exploit this.

In MMA you mix all style and use whichever suits best in whatever way works. Sometimes all you need to do is be the aggressor to take advantage of a situation. It is something that is executed perfectly by Xiaodong in this fight.

While Wei Lei is pacing in his Tai Chi style waiting to attack, Xiaodong rushes him and swarms him with punches. This overwhelms Lei who hits the floor as Xiaodong continues to deliver punches until the fight is stopped. Afterwards Lei is given a towel to clean up his bloody nose. Because of how aggressive Xiaodong was, Lei never got to use his Tai Chi.

As far as the effectiveness of traditional martial arts in fights, it really depends on the practitioner and who you ask. In this case it wasn’t very successful.

Check out the video below and let us know if you think traditional martial arts are good to use in fights.


  1. I’ll stick to my Traditional fighting art which is call KhunKhmer which Thailand adopted and call Muay Thai and America adopted and call it kick box.


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