Superkombat World Grand Prix II 2017 Madrid Results

Superkombat World Grand Prix II 2017 took place this weekend in Madrid, Spain.

The main event featured Superkombat favorite Catalin Morosanu vs. Poland’s Lukasz Krupadziorow. Both fighters are known for their KO power, and not many people thought this one would go the distance. Both fighters showed some tremendous heart as this fight quickly turned into a brawl. This was the type of fight Morosanu wanted, anyone that has seen him fight knows he likes to bare down and sling leather. To Krupadziorow’s credit he was able to do the same, although Morosanu ended up getting the better of the exchanges. In the end he was awarded a unanimous decision win.

In the co-main event Bruno Susano scored a first round knock out of Clyde Brunswijk. Things were pretty even in the first round with both fighters exchanging solid kicks. In the middle of the round Brunswijk randomly decided to attempt an unsuccessful take down. He was warned by the referee about it and then moments after the action resumed Susano landed picture perfect spinning heel kick that put Brunswijk down. He wasn’t able to get back up despite his efforts. Spectacular KO by Susano.

The highly anticipated re-match between Dawid Zoltaszek and Cristian Ristea had the building buzzing and these two did not disappoint. They were both looking to stand and trade and things were close for the first round with both fighters getting good shots in. In the second Zoltaszek connected with a big looping right hand as Ristea was moving towards the corner. The shot stunned Ristea and Zoltaszek began to pour on the punches until the referee eventually stepped in to initiate a standing eight count. Ristea crouched down and was not able to continue. Spectacular fight and performance by Zoltaszek who now evens things up with Ristea.

Daniel Stefanovski showed why he is such a hot prospect at the moment in his fight against Janilson da Cruz. 10 seconds into the opening round Stefanovski dropped da Cruz with a jumping knee. Da Cruz recovered and immediately went on the attack, but about 30 seconds later a jumping knee from Stefanovski stunned him and a right hand dropped him for a second time. Da Cruz was able to continue after the referee’s count, but this time Stefanovski was looking to finish as he swarmed da Cruz with punches and knocked him down a third time forcing the referee to stop the fight. Dominating performance by Daniel Stefanovski.

Superkombat World Grand Prix II 2017 Madrid Results:
Catalin Moroșanu def. Lukasz Krupadziorow via Unanimous Decision
Bruno Susano def. Clyde Brunswijk via KO in Rd. 1
Dawid Zoltaszek def. Cristian Ristea via (T)KO in Rd. 2
Patrick Schmidt def. Daniel Oso Perez via Unanimous Decision
Daniel Stefanovski def. Janilson da Cruz via KO in Rd. 1
Parih Nayanesh def. Eduard Chelariu via Unanimous Decision
Edye Ruiz def. Youssef El Hadmi via Unanimous Decision
Manuel Romero def. Omar Aimash via Unanimous Decision


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