WATCH: Armchair Warrior Knocked Out By Street Fighter

Professional athletes have to deal with advice from armchair warriors frequently.

For anyone who is not familiar with the term, it refers to people who give advice but don’t actually compete. Combat sports is full of them. Online they are often referred to as keyboard warriors, and they are ruthless. If professional fighters could have it their way I am willing to bet many would love to go a few rounds with them. Without any experience, these armchair warriors can always tell you what a fighter did wrong in a fight and what he or she should be doing during the fight.

It’s not only professional Boxers, MMA fighters, Kickboxers or any other martial artist that have to deal with these armchair warriors. Apparently, the armchair warriors have now taken to bothering people in street fights. Can you imagine how it must feel to be in a street fight and have some person yelling at you what you need to be doing? The last thing that you need is some loudmouth that isn’t fighting to distract you with his simplistic advice such as knock him out or punch him. As important as that is I highly doubt stating the obvious helps.

The last thing you want in a street fight is someone distracting you with their yelling.

You don’t want someone distracting you during a street fight, you need to focus on fighting. Like with any fight when there are spectators watching they will likely be cheering, booing or yelling stuff. In this video, no one is making any noise except for one man. These two men are looking to settle their differences with their fists and this man is looking to tell them how to do it. The man talking is speaking Spanish and it is not clear at which of the two fighters this man is yelling at. He is basically saying to the man he is addressing to knock the other guy out. The man approaches both men as they are fighting and continues to yell out his amazing instructions when one of the men fighting turns and knocks him out. The man then turns and continue to fight as if nothing happened.


We don’t know who ends up winning the fight as the video doesn’t show that. In the footage, the only loser is the guy that couldn’t keep his mouth shut and got knocked out. I am willing to bet next time he is watching any type of fight he won’t be yelling out advice.

I am sure that any pro or even amateur fighter would love to do this to the loudmouths telling them what to do in their fights. They have a team of coaches, they train for this. I highly doubt any of them would need the advice of a guy who is likely drunk.

We definitely don’t encourage this kind of action, but you can’t deny that the guy yelling was a little annoying. This guy should also learn to never approach two guys in the middle of a fight, especially a street fight.


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