STORY: The Time MMA Legend Bas Rutten Took On 5 Bouncers At Once

Bas was a beast in and out of the cage/ring. (Photo by Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Bas Rutten is one of the most charismatic figures in all of combat sports. You wouldn’t think he was a professional fighter because of his personality, but the man is lethal.

If anyone in the martial arts world needs a movie made about their life it is UFC Hall of Famer and MMA legend Bas Rutten. The stories that have circulated about this him are out of this world. It shouldn’t come as a surprise though as Bas was a bouncer in his early years, before becoming a Kickboxer and MMA fighter.

Not only does Bas have some crazy stories from his fighting day all over the world, but from his days as a bouncer in the Netherlands. The story we are talking about today actually flips the script. It involved Bas after already starting his successful combat sports career against bouncers at a bar in Sweden.

The story goes that Bas showed up to the Spy Bar in Sweden in the mid 90’s. Being the combat sports superstar he was at the time, the bouncers recognized him and found it necessary to warn him not to start trouble. Talk about stereotyping.

Bas Rutten could take the punishment just as much as he could dish it.

While Bas was in the bar enjoying his night things went south quickly. Apparently, the bouncers were out looking to start trouble with Bas, because two of them approached Bas and told him he needed to leave. Bas was more than happy to oblige, but the guys were really looking to start trouble and a shoving match ensued. One of the security guards poked Bas in the eyes. Don’t know why that guy though and eye poke would stop Bas.

In self-defense, Bas punched the bouncer and took him out with one shot, but before he knew it he was surrounded by five bouncers. Bas being the tough guy he was had no problem taking on all of them. As he was wrecking havoc on the bouncers and more intervened he realized that it was only a matter of time before things ended on a bad note for him.

Bas could also take a good shot.

Bas decided he would hightail it out of the bar, but when he tried to go out of a fire escape but he couldn’t open the door. He turned back around ready to fight the group of bouncers, but before he knew it the police had shown up and Bas was arrested. It turned out one of the bouncers was a police officer. Despite this, the charges against Bas were dropped and he was released a few days later.

In one of the crazier stories from his fight career, you can say that Bas was the first person to get Mike Tysoned. By that, I mean that he had his ear bitten in a fight.

Rene Rooze was Bas Rutten’s final Kickboxing opponent.

Rooze was either very hungry or just wanted to know what Bas tasted like.

In his final Kickboxing fight before transitioning to MMA, Bas fought Rene Rooze. As stated earlier, for whatever reason Rooze decided to bite Bas’s ear. Bas wasn’t about to let him get away with this and blasted Rooze in the groin with a knee. This kicked off a brawl between both sides and things got ugly in the arena.

There is no doubting Bas is a tough guy. He can be the nicest guy in the world, but when he needs to turn it up he can. The only thing that is unfortunate about this is that when Bas was out wrecking shop cell phones with cameras didn’t exist. It would have been great to see Bas handling the jabronis like the bouncers at the bar in Sweden. Even being able to see footage of his fight with Rene Rooze would be great.


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