STORY: Man Credits Ip Man and Wing Chun for Surviving Samurai Sword Attack

If someone ever tells you to stop watching Martial Arts movies remind them of Alex Lovell. His girlfriend attacked him with a samurai sword and he credits martial arts movies for his survival.

Lovell’s now ex-girlfriend Emily Javier thought he was cheating on her because she found out he had a Tinder account. Rather than leave Lovell or talk to him about it she upped the stakes by allegedly pre-meditating a Samurai sword attack. You would think she might have seen the samurai sword hanging around their house and decided that would be the perfect weapon à la Butch in Pulp Fiction. According to police she actually went out and bought the samurai sword specifically for the attack. Talk about sinister.

According to Buzzfeed, Javier started to swing the sword at Lovell while he was asleep. Miraculously, Lovell was able to wake up and fight back. He was able to fend off the attack despite being badly injured and eventually was able to convince his then-girlfriend to stop and call for help.

Lovell credited marital arts films for helping him survive. According to an interview with Buzzfeed, he became obsessed with Wing Chun after watching the Donnie Yen movie Ip Man.

“I’ve been indirectly preparing myself for this night my whole life,” Lovell said.

“I didn’t freeze. The Wing Chun came out,” he said. “I was able to stand on a knee that was just almost chopped in half and a foot that was hanging on by a thread.”

Lovell after the attack.

Javier was eventually arrested and Lovell suffered life-threatening injuries because of the attack. Despite nearly being killed, Lovell says he has forgiven his ex-girlfriend.

Talk about having lady luck on your side. First off, he was lucky that she didn’t decapitate him in his sleep. The fact that he was able to wake up after being stabbed and cut with the samurai sword and get back to his feet to fight off her attack is nothing short of a miracle. Then take into account that she was able to calm down his attacker and convince her to call 911 for help is also very amazing.

The best part of this horrible situation aside from Lovell still being alive is that Wing Chun saved his life. Traditional martial arts like Wing Chun often get criticized for not being useful in real life situations, but here is one instance in which that assessment is wrong.

It’s a good thing he watched IP Man since it got him to train Wing Chun, and it is even better he was able to implement what he learned in a real-life scenario. Hopefully, Lovell has a speedy recovery.

Remember this story next time someone tells you to stop wasting your time watching Martial Arts movies. Watch them, train in martial arts, and hopefully, it will come in handy when you need it. It definitely helped in this situation.


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