Stipe Miocic Responds To Brock Lesnar Calling Him A Piece Of Sh*t

Stipe Miocic had a bad night at UFC 226. He lost his heavyweight title to Daniel Cormier, a fight which many thought he would win.

After the fight, Brock Lesnar entered the Octagon to face off with Daniel Cormier and a scuffle ensued and had everyone talking. When he gave his brief post-fight interview he insulted the heavyweight fighters of that night, including Miocic.

“Let me tell you something! I walked into this building and watched the heavyweight disasters from the beginning. Ngannou’s a piece of sh*t. Miocic is a piece of sh*t. D.C., I’m coming for you motherf*cker!”

Lesnar held nothing when he took to the mic.

Lesnar didn’t mince his words when he got on the microphone.

It definitely was not Miocic’s best night, but to insult the former champion like that was questionable. If you look at their career’s side by side, Miocic has clearly had a better career than Lesnar. We get it though, Brock has to sell his upcoming fight with Cormier. So what did the former heavyweight champion have to say about Lesnar’s insult?

“I don’t care. I don’t care about what Brock says. I’m going home. I’m going to go see my wife who is going to have my child. Those are the two most important things, my wife, and my child. That’s all I care about.”

Miocic had just suffered a huge loss before addressing the media in the post-fight press conference so it is understandable he might just be going through the motions and thinking about his family. The answer he gave, however, is way different than was he told Sports Illustrated earlier this year.

The rumors about Lesnar returning had been going on for a few months now and being the heavyweight champion at the time Miocic was asked about it. He didn’t hesitate with his answer and was very confident when he said…

“With Brock, I’d win, there’s no question.”

It would be an interesting fight.

Will we get to see Miocic vs. Lesnar?

It’s doubtful Miocic’s opinion on that fight have changed, but it would have been nice to see him express that sentiment once again. It would have added a little more fuel to the already hot fire that is the return of Brock Lesnar. It also makes you think about how much the loss to Daniel Cormier might have affected Miocic. It is still too soon to tell though, but it would be nice to see this revisited down the road.

Everyone is clamoring for the Lesnar vs. Cormier match now, but Cormier did mention he wouldn’t mind defending his light heavyweight title before fighting Lesnar. A smart move by the UFC might be to let Cormier defend his light heavyweight title and let Lesnar and Miocic face off in a title eliminator fight. It is a winning situation all way around. You either set up another big fight in a rematch between Miocic and Cormier or you get the mega fight that is Lesnar vs. Cormier.

Those fight would all be big draws and have fans buzzing. There is still quite some time before any of those fights happen, but it will be interesting to see how things play out in the heavyweight division of the UFC.


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