Spider-Man Has Some Serious Muay Thai Skills

Spider-Man Muay Thai

In case you didn’t know, Spider-Man has some serious Muay Thai skills.

There are three things that we learn from this video of Spider-Man doing some bag work. The first is that his Muay Thai skills are on another level. The second is that his home gym is K-Star Legacy in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The third thing we learn is that Peter Parker isn’t really Spider-Man, it is actually Muay Thai world champion Damien Trainor.

In this great video Damien Trainor puts on a Spider-Man suit and shows off some of his great Muay Thai skills on the heavy bag. You can’t help but be entertained. Technically Peter Parker isn’t real, so that really would make Damien the real Spider-Man. Right?

For those not familiar with Damien, he is a British Muay Thai champion. You really need to check out his fights if you like Muay Thai. The man is awesome. You should also check out his website damientrainor.com, he always posts some great stuff on there.

I’m willing to bet that Damien Trainor’s Spider-Man could beat up Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.

Check out the video, it is great.



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