New Information About Jon Jones, Turinabol & UFC 232 Has Fans Confused

jon jones
Another USADA positive test, this time it was Jon Jones under the microscope again…

UFC star Jon Jones has faced his ups and downs during his time as a champion and since being stripped of the belt. His latest drama is linked to a positive test for Turinabol, which the UFC and USADA are saying remains from his test 15 months ago…

It’s been a bit of a crazy day, one day before Christmas, as the news of UFC 232’s relocation due to an abnormal test result from Jon Jones does the rounds. Believe it or not, the promotion had actually known about this failed test since December 9, 2018.

The reasoning behind this, and the cancelation of UFC 233 in Anaheim, California, then the incredibly close timing of this change and delay since knowledge of the test result have fans debating intensely.

But what does it all mean? First of all, let’s take a look at the timeline of events surrounding the UFC’s knowledge of the announcement of Jones’ ‘abnormal’ results:

jon jones ufc
the timeline as it stands so far

“Similar Story”

So, in a nutshell, UFC’s Dana White and USADA head honcho Jeff Novitsky argued that Jones’ test result was due to remnants of his previous test failure, some 15 months earlier. They described the amount as a “picogram.”

One somewhat interesting point for discussion is the CSAC, the commission who agreed to allow Jones to fight again earlier this month, made no mention of this anomalous result during his hearing mid-month.

On to Turinabol, at best, it’s a confusing substance. It’s a anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS), and according to Arthur T Kopylov of the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Moscow, the maximum detectable period is roughly 45-50 days for metabolites of Turinabol.

But, the confusing part, Turinabol CAN bind to the body for a number of years. Also, at best, the testing papers are not 100% infallible. However, USADA’s practice when dealing with the exact same substance in another athlete’s test should surely be the same? According to Jones’ former teammate Franki Mir, the answer is no:

In the spring of 2016, when USADA representatives sat in my Las Vegas kitchen and told me that the turinabol metabolite that they said I tested positive for could only have been ingested within a window of the past several months, I vehemently proclaimed my innocence. Having never failed any drug test throughout my career, I asked if we could go back further in the past to test any supplements that I could’ve taken, but they claimed that was both impossible and unnecessary.

They were firm on their assertion that there was only a recent period of several months that would warrant any consideration. Now, little more than two years later, Jon Jones has tested positive for the same trace of the same banned substance, and USADA is taking the position that this same low level is in fact not a new ingestion, but something that could be the result of a residual “pulsing” effect that could potentially stay in his system “forever”.

More possibilities of poor testing foundations, a genuine lack of knowledge or water-tight science to back up their methods, alleged favoritism, and more. The reality is, the truth could end up on either side of the fence.

Did But Didn’t

Cast your mind back to 2017, Jones’ first test for Turinabol and PED experts claimed Jones would have to had ingested the substance 21 days prior to fight night. These same experts claimed those tests were not reliable.

Yes, Jon Jones has failed tests in the past, but the exact science behind this latest test result is unclear, we’ve seen conflicting results from Frank Mir, yet actual scientific studies that conflict both Frank Mir and Jon Jones’ arguments.

Few expected USADA’s addition in the UFC’s program to be seamless but nobody thought it would present this many problems. Our professional verdict on this Jon Jones USADA drama? It would be impossible to say.

Our personal thoughts? It’s messy, at best, but we may never know who, if anyone, is actually at fault here.


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