Some Fans Are Saying Deontay Wilder Was Robbed After Seeing This Video

tyson fury deontay wilder
The Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder fight was an instant classic but the result ended in heavy controversy. Image Source: The Guardian.

Any fight fan would’ve been watching the Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder fight last weekend, or at least keeping a tab on it. Most fans agree that Fury looked brilliant and showed the difference between power and technique.

The fight ended in a draw despite nearly everyone having Fury winning by a longshot. However, it seemed Wilder’s two knockdowns turned the tables.

In the twelfth round, all seemed to be going Tyson’s way, only suffering a small knockdown that he was up from near enough instantly. Until Wilder unleashed the Bronze Bomber and blew Tyson’s head off with a right then a left hook.

Fury looked completely out of it, head back staring gormlessly at the lights. Then much like the Undertaker, he got up, before the count finished then finished the fight strong.

The punch stats from the fight. Image Source:

The Controversy

Amongst the many, many fans exclaiming Fury won and dishing out the punch stats as evidence. There is another side to the controversy and that is whether Fury was allowed more time to get up than the traditional count.

Looking at the overall punch stats though, Fury landed both more punches and significant punches which should have him higher than Wilder on the majority of the rounds on all judges scorecards. Fury appeared to outpunch Fury in most of the rounds.

A video was uploaded to Instagram labelled as ‘proof’ that Fury was allowed more time to get up. Should this be proven to be true, this means Wilder retains his title with a win rather than the draw that was given. Take a look at the video here.

Even with this, it doesn’t excuse one of the judges scorecards which gave Wilder the first 4 rounds, despite Fury so clearly¬†dominating and outboxing him for not just the first four but the majority of the fight.

Still, this ‘proof’ isn’t official proof and will more than likely be looked past by officials. Regardless, both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have discussed a rematch but more than likely it will be held in the UK this time around. Would you like to see a rematch or an AJ fight with one of the two?


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