Security Guard Uses Nunchucks To Fight Off Man With Knife

When you think of security guards the last thing you picture is a nunchuck-wielding master…

Not all security guards are like movie characters Paul Blart and Ronnie Barnhardt. Some are highly skilled such as the Oklahoma security guard that fought off a knife-wielding attacker with his nunchucks. The security guard has not been named in yet, but according to Fox News, he was working at an apartment complex when he was attacked.

The security guard was putting up flyers around the complex warning residents about a man that had been seen on the premises. As he was doing this the man on the flyers, who was identified as Jerome Thompson was spotted by the security guard. Thompson was holding two knives and for an unknown reason decided to attack the security guard. Luckily for the security guard, he was armed with his trusty nunchucks.

Bruce Lee made nunchucks a weapon of choice in his movies.

He channeled his inner Bruce Lee and was able to disarm and fight off Thompson without receiving any injuries. Police were called and by the time they arrived the security guard was holding Thompson down.

There are a lot of intriguing things regarding this story. Where did this guy learn to use nunchucks in such an effective manner? Before this, I thought the only person who could use nunchucks was Bruce Lee when he played Ping Pong. Why did he have nunchucks? If you had to carry a weapon on your shift and it had to be non-lethal what would you pick? When you think about it nunchucks actually make sense.

Bruce Lee’s viral nunchuck Ping Pong video.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that nunchucks were used because police have tested using them instead of batons. Back in 2015 police departments in California started testing the martial arts weapon. There has been no word on what the results were, but they looked into it because they thought it could be useful.

Jerome Thompson is now facing charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. I don’t think he will gain any respect points in prison when it gets out that he was stopped by a nunchuck-wielding security guard. He might as well tell his fellow inmates that he was stopped by Michaelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As great of a story, and as awesome as this security guard is there was a real travesty that occurred here. It is that this was not caught on video. In today’s world where everything is recorded on cell phones, how could there no be a bystander ready to record this incident? It is a shame not just because this security doesn’t have what is probably the most memorable moment in his career on video, but because if it was recorded it would have easily gone viral. The man would have been an internet sensation if a video of the incident existed.

At least Oklahoma City can rest easy knowing that they have this nunchuck wielding badass living in their city. If he has to use his nunchucks again hopefully someone is around to catch this the entire incident on video.


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