Security Guard Delivers A Brutal Elbow KO

People often don’t take security guards serious, but sometimes that can be a mistake. Afterall they can’t all be Paul Blart.

There are some bumbling security guards out there, but there are also some lethal ones. Some know how to fight, some might just have a short fuse. Either way, when dealing with a security guard it is always better to air on the side of caution because you never know who knows what.

A lot of times situations go south because of a lack of respect. This video doesn’t seem to be that type but we also don’t know for sure what was said. We just what we can see and that is a massive elbow to the dome of this unlucky guy.

In this crazy video, we see a security guard that is clearly not your run of the mill security guard. The man clearly has some sort of martial arts training. It looks to take place on a busy street and the video information says it is in Vietnam. It is not clear what led the security guard to confront the other man, but at one point the man seems to get very irritated and starts to say something to the security guard while pointing at himself. You can’t hear what the man says, but it ends up being a huge mistake. Whatever it is he said really sets off the security guard, who in return delivers a crushing elbow.

The guy had no clue what hit him.

There is no chill by this security guard as he swiftly connects and the other person goes down face first. He can’t get back to his feet before the video cuts off and the security guard clearly doesn’t question his decision as there is no attempt to help the man. On that same token, no other person tries to see if the man is alright. He is just left to fend for himself.

With no clear knowledge of what led to the confrontation between the security guard and the man you can’t say if the man deserved it or not. From what we can see in the actual video though, that security guard definitely seemed to be out of line. Regardless of whatever the man was saying, dropping him with an elbow seems to be a little overboard.

Check out this video and let us know if the security guard was out of line, or if it might be justified depending on what the other man was saying to him.

It was a savage elbow KO.

As you can see from the video this security was not messing around. The elbow was picture perfect too. It would be very interesting to see what kind of martial arts training he has. Let’s hope the gentleman that was knocked out is okay and recovers quickly. Whatever the reason he was knocked out for hopefully he can avoid getting another security guard that mad again. Personal security and commercial security guard services are becoming more and more popular as various threat levels are raised in recent years due to some unfortunate events that has caused for a rise in demand.


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