Security Camera Footage Of Attack On Muay Thai Judge At Lumpinee Stadium

Lumpinee Stadium Attack

Muay Thai judge Udom Deekrachang was attacked out side the famed Lumpinee Stadium on Friday, March 24, 2017.

Mr. Deekrachang was clubbed over the head, Anucha Prathumma a Lumpinee Stadium security guard tried to intervene, but was shot and killed.

It was reported by that police have detained 36 year old Jirapan Koisap in connection with the attack. He has stated that the attack on the judge occurred over gambling. According to Koisap he had placed a bet of 20,000 baht ($580) and lost because the judges awarded a decision to the opposing fighter.

Koisap believes that the fighter that he bet on should have won the match and that Deekrachang was paid to rig the match. He has stated he was only trying to teach the judge a lesson and that the murder that occurred of the security guard was not his intention.

Koisap did not shoot the security guard, the getaway driver of the motor bike they were on was the one who killed him.

Koisap was taken to the crime scene to re-enact what happened on Wednesday. He has been charged with murder, firearms possession and physical assault. The getaway driver that shot the security guard is currently still at large.

Police aren’t convinced that Koisap is being completely honest with them.

Police believe that Koisap was hired by someone else to carry out the attack.

The fact that he was a small time gambler is one of the main reasons why they don’t believe his story. Currently there are no other suspects aside from the getaway driver, and Koisap has not implicated anyone else. Police, however, are expanding their investigation.

In the security footage you can see judge Deekrachang standing out front of the stadium when a motorbike drives by, seconds later Koisap approaches him and clubs him twice. As Koisap attempts to flee he is confronted by the security guard on the edge of the frame. Out of frame his getaway driver shoots the security guard and they make their getaway.

It is sad to see someone lose their life over gambling, especially when it is such a big part of fights at Lumpinee Stadium. Hopefully everyone that was involved with this attack is apprehended. This whole situation does add fuel to the argument that gambling shouldn’t be allowed because it is ruining the sport. Hopefully no more attacks like this occur because of gambling, or for any other reason.

Here is the security footage of the attack.


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