The Real Story About The Cop Who Beat Kimbo Slice in a Street Fight

Kimbo Slice is a legend in the street fighting world. He may have been an average mixed martial artist, but on the streets, he was the king.

The larger than life Kimbo only tasted defeat one time in his street fighting career. He lost to Boston Police Officer Sean Gannon. This fight was huge, before it took place Kimbo seemed unbeatable. Gannon didn’t carry the physique that Kimbo had and everyone thought that it would be easy work for Kimbo. Gannon had other plans and proved to not only be able to take a beating but dish one out.

Their fight lasted about 10 minutes and it was brutal. Kimbo was known for his aggressive style and he came out letting his fists fly. Gannon was able to take Kimbo’s best shots and return fire. After about eight minutes a tired an fatigued Kimbo hit the floor, he made several attempts to get up but each time Gannon put him back down. Sean Gannon’s face was a bloody mess and if the winner was based on looks he would have lost.

Despite looking like he got the worse of the exchanges it was Kimbo who was unable to get up. The fight made Gannon a street fighting legend. It also earned him a shot at the UFC.

Kimbo Slice vs. Police Officer

Probably The Craziest Bareknuckle Fight EverKimbo Slice vs. Police Officer Sean Gannon

Posted by MMA Videos on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gannon took a beating from Kimbo but ended up the winner.

Unfortunately for Gannon his UFC debut did not go well. He was beaten easily by Brandon Lee Hinkle in the first round and he never competed in MMA again. To the surprise of many, while he was fighting Kimbo on the streets and fighting in the UFC, Gannon was a Boston Police Officer.

The department was not happy with his actions and slowly but surely they started to try and push him out. Gannon was eventually moved to desk duty because they stated he could no longer perform his job adequately on the street. Something they tried to blame on the damage he took from his fights.

He was relegated to desk duty, but that is not where the story of Sean Gannon ends. He was forced to turn in his gun and his badge after he turned in a fellow cop for framing young black men for murder and other things. Gannon held a Reddit AMA and said…

“Turned in a dirty cop that was framing innocent black teens, and went to the FBI with documents alleging a sexual assault and police cover-up. My reward was being relieved of duty and ordered to turn in my badge and gun.”

There is a guy at my station that has killed two innocent, unarmed people so far. When I was on his shift, they would commonly leave me inside and put him on the street. There are only so many inside slots available, and my Shift Commander isn’t allowed to substitute his judgment for the Department’s orders. I’m inside, he’s outside.

Sean Gannon’s only UFC appearance.

Sean Gannon in his only UFC fight.

The 20 year veteran of the force blew the whistle on a fellow police officer and they came calling for his badge. The documents that Gannon brought forward accused a high ranking officer of rape and it is covered up by other high ranking officials.

In a time where criticism of cops is at an all-time high, it seems Gannon was one of the good ones. It is a true shame that he was dealt the hand he got. If you have time make sure to head over to Reddit to check out his AMA. Gannon shared a lot of good information about him there. Very good read for anyone who wants to know anything about his fight with Kimbo Slice.

There is so much more to this story than meets the eye.

Make sure you read it here.


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