Samuel Mongonia Talks Upcoming Triumphant 2 Fight

Samuel Mongonia will be fighting at Triumphant 2 this Friday in Pleasanton, California The highly touted amateur turned pro this year and despite having a great start, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

We aren’t talking about struggles with losses, this is about him just being able to get into the ring. If anyone has been cursed by opponents pulling out and fights falling through it is Samuel Mongonia.

As he was preparing for this fight at Triumphant 2 it seemed that what had become the new normal was about to happen again. His original opponent was unable to fight, but luckily for fight fans and him Roger Severson stepped up. For those not familiar with Samuel’s fighting, you need to be ready because he is exciting.

The Mark Beecher trained fighters loves to put on a show and finish fights. Keep your eyes peeled on this fight Friday as it will surely keep you entertained. We were lucky enough to have Samuel take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

MTA: As has become the new normal you had a last minute opponent change, you are now fighting Roger Severson. Are you surprised about the last minute change?

Samuel: Nope.

MTA: Does this change your training or anything else at all?

Samuel: Nope stick to the game plan.

MTA: What as the reason you started Muay Thai?

Samuel: My dad died and it was something that me and my bro could do as a family.

MTA: Your brother fights as well. Are you more nervous when you fight or when he fights?

Samuel: When he fights ha ha ha.

MTA: You went pro this year. What do you think is the biggest adjustment you had to make from ammy to pro?

Samuel: Getting pro pro fights, then getting them to not back out. Had 15 people back out of my last fight. In Muay Thai semi pro and pro are same, just get paid now.

MTA: How does having so many opponents back out affect you when it comes to training and accepting fights? Is there any psychological effect?

Samuel: Yeah I mean ups and downs always suck, but I try to stay active. I went like 20-0 last year.

MTA: What are your goals in the sport?

Samuel: Fight as much as I can! And be one of the only US fighters that have 100 fights.

MTA: If you could have any dream fight what would it be?

Samuel: Man, every fight is a dream for me.

MTA: Thanks for you time Sammy. Where can fans find you on social media?

Samuel: @sammythebullmongonia on instagram and Samuel Mongonia on Facebook.



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