Saenchai And Riddick Bowe Sparring

Saenchai And Riddick Bowe Sparring

Riddick Bowe is a former heavyweight Boxing champion that decided to try his hand at Muay Thai.

For those that watched his debut, you are well aware it was horrible. Bowe seem out of shape and clearly was not ready for leg kicks. Before he ever stepped in the ring he did some sparring with Muay Thai legend Saenchai.

The size difference between the two is huge, but the entire sparring session was Saenchai playing around. If you have ever seen¬†videos of him sparring, he likes to have fun. This should have served as a warning to Bowe that he wasn’t ready.

Bowe clearly seems out of place and when he can’t land a jab on Saenchai he should have known he wasn’t ready. Although I don’t think many people could land a shot on Saenchai, the man is a magician.

It is cool to see the two sparring though, check out the footage below.


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