Roy Jones Jr. Fights Fan

Roy Jones Jr. is a Boxing legend. Up until 2003, he was nearly unstoppable winning 49 of his first 50 fights.

His only loss in that time frame came when he was disqualified against Montel Griffin. Roy Jones Jr. has fought a who’s who in the world of Boxing. His resume is exceptional and he holds wins over the likes of Antonio Tarver, Bernard Hopkins, Felix Trinidad, Jeff Lacy and more. His was a showman and could talk smack with the best of them.

Jones is past his prime now but he is still fighting. He last competed in February of this year at the age of 49. Jones has had some fights you probably wouldn’t expect in the last couple of years. He fought bare-knuckle fighter Bobby Gunn, but none beats the time he held a contest to find his next opponent.

In 2016 Jones held a contest that allowed a fan to win a fight against Roy Jones Jr. If the fan knocked out Jones they would win $100,000. That is a lot of money but realistically what type of chance does a fan have of winning that money. Even an out of his prime Roy Jones Jr. is better than a fan. Maybe he was struggling for money, or he wanted an easy fight being that he had lost his previous bout.

The promotional poster promising a fan $100,000.

The lucky man that was chosen to fight Roy Jones Jr. was Vyron Phillips. It seems the decision makers made sure that the person they chose had some type of fight experience. Phillips was a professional MMA fighter. Before Conor McGregor crossed over to fight a Boxing superstar, Phillips had already done it. I don’t know what all the commotion over McGregor vs. Mayweather was about. It had already been done.

One thing that I found crazy was that the fan had to knock out Roy Jones Jr. to win the $100,000. It wasn’t good enough to beat him, he had to knock him out! Talk about a tall task. As you can expect Phillips stepped into this and he felt the pain.

This was probably the easiest day at the office Jones ever had.

It didn’t take long for Jones to establish his dominance. I was actually surprised it lasted into the second round. That right hand was delivered with pinpoint accuracy. You have to give Phillips credit because he went out there and despite not getting the win he left it all on the line. He was trying to get that KO as he constantly moved forward.

In the end, it just wasn’t a fair fight. Phillips had eight MMA fights and Jones had over 60 Boxing matches. He stood no chance of winning this fight with nothing short of a miracle.

Phillips stood no chance even in Jones wasn’t in his best shape.

I personally think Jones shouldn’t have done this. It kind of made him look desperate, either for a win or to cash in on the publicity. For all, we know it was just a publicity stunt. Even though Jones is one of the greats, he doesn’t sell how he used to.

Would you have fought Roy Jones Jr. if you had the chance at $100,000? I am actually very curious as to what Philips was paid for the loss. The guy essentially won a contest that should have been promoted as win a chance to get knocked out by Roy Jones Jr.


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