Rival Gyms Settle Their Differences With A Brawl In the Forest

Remember how in 80’s movies like The Karate Kid and The Last Dragon your gyms reputation was everything? Challenges were laid out in gyms and you had to fight to keep the gyms respect.

Well, those were movies and for the most part that doesn’t really happen, although I am sure it has happened from time to time. One on one gym challenges are apparently overrated and two gyms in Russia took it to whole different level.

In a video that was originally posted on Reddit, you see several members of two different gyms meet in what looks to be a forest and brawl to see who is better. Clearly, the only way that can be determined is by meeting in the forest and beating the living daylight out of one another. It didn’t make more sense to maybe do some sparring in the gym.

These boys were ready to throw down from the start

It seems that it is shirts vs. skins in the brawl. Some fighters are wearing Muay Thai shorts, others track pants. Every single person involved in the brawl is wearing MMA gloves. Anytime you are in a brawl it is very important to protect your hands. It also makes you look way cooler.

These guys brawl for what is only a matter of minutes and as you can see in the video some guys catch beatdowns, but once it is done there is no one upset.

Everyone takes their licking as they are supposed to. No one goes over the top and continues to beat a fighter that is already done. If anything the end of this it looks like the gyms were training against each other. That is some pretty hardcore training if you that is actually what this is.

Image credit: Daily Mail

“Forrest Fighters”

Whatever the situation was between the two gyms this is crazy. I can’t imagine that happening very often, but then again I wouldn’t have imagined it happening at all.

This is what you call a family not a gym. I lot of people that belong to gyms won’t step up to participate in something like this. In an odd way, it is like a team building event.

Do you think you would be willing to get into a massive brawl like this for your gym? Check out the video below and let us know.

You really better love your gym if you are willing to go out and brawl for their reputation like this. This is definitely not for the half-hearted. This is what you call loyalty, and in today’s martial arts scene that is something that is becoming more and more rare.


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