Muay Thai and Kickboxing is full of great artists. Not just the ones in the ring, but the ones behind the lenses. The photographers and videographers who help capture the spectacular moments that take place.

In Ringside by French film maker Stephane Benini captures not only the action in the ring by the fighters, but what goes on behind the scenes as they prepare to step into the ring, and the reactions of friends and family as these moments are taking place.

There isn’t much dialogue in the film as the music leads the story. For those that do not speak French, when you get to part three the following is what is being said at the start. “This is the story of a man falling from a fifty-story building The guy, as and measure its fall is repeated constantly for reassurance. So far so good, so far all is well, so far so good.
But the important thing is not the fall, it’s the landing.”

Visually this is a great video and anyone who has ever been backstage supporting a fighter or been cheering them on as a fan or family member should know what this is about.

“This is a video for the fighters and all the persons who support them from the “ring side”. It’s all about the human side of fighting. ” – Stephane Benini


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