Regian Eersel Talks Fight Career

Regian Eersel

Regian Eersel is one of the scariest fighters in the super middleweight division.

In his mid twenties, he is known as “The Immortal” and is a force to be reckoned with when he enters the ring. The display of violence he puts on his fights is something you only see in a horror movie. It doesn’t seem he knows how to move backwards as every thing he does in the ring is done with one intention, hurt.

His aggression is what has fueled his success and more often than not has ended with him having his hand raised in victory. We were lucky to have a chance to interview Regian about his career. Enjoy.

MTA: You are one of the most aggressive fighters around. What is it that makes you fight with such ferocity from the opening bell until the end?

Regian Eersel
Photo by Walt Zink Photography

Regian: Yes, thank you. What makes me different from other fighters is my mindset. When I step in the ring I don’t focus on winning or losing. I just want to hurt you as much as possible.

MTA: When did you start training in Muay Thai and Kickboxing and why?

Regian: I started Muay Thai/Kickboxing when I was 15 years old. I saw it always on television and YouTube, the big shows like K-1. So I googled the nearest gym and walked in.

MTA: Do you prefer Muay Thai rules or Kickboxing rules?

Regian: I prefer Kickboxing rules because I started fighting with Kickboxing rules. In the Netherlands we don’t have many Muay Thai fights.

MTA: What would you say had been the highest point of your career so far?

Regian: That’s the day I became Lion Fight Super Middleweight Champion of the world.

MTA: What gym do you call home and who is your main trainer?

Regian: My gym is Sityodtong Amsterdam. And my main trainers are Paul and Vincent Pengel. We go once in the week to Arj Trainingen, the gym of Maikel Polanen to spar with his fighters. Maikel Polanen is also my manager and he also goes with me if I’m fighting.

MTA: You have had success in Muay Thai and Kickboxing fighting all over the world in places like the USA, Holland and China. Is MMA in your future?

Regian: Yes, i already start training MMA with my dad. He is a black belt in BJJ. So somewhere next year I will be fighting my first MMA fight (we have time luckily i’am still young). Mark my words, I’m going to be the new and improved Jon Jones!!!!!!

MTA: When can we expect to see you fight again?

Regian: Probably September 29 at Lion Fight. Also October in Turkey and December in Germany!!

MTA: What championship do you currently have your eyes set on?

Regian: I don’t have my eyes on a specific championship, but I like the Muay Thai WBC belt. So I hope I can fight for it one day.

MTA: Are there any fighters in particular you would like to fight?

Regian: I want to fight the best fighters in my weight class. Like Cedric Doumbe, Nieky Holzken and Murthel Groenhart. I also want to see them fighting in Muay Thai rules.

MTA: You mentioned your mindset making you different from other fighters. Is this something that is natural for you or have you developed your mindset throughout your career?

Regian: I think it is something natural for me, but hard training keeps me focused and hungry to show the world the Immortal.

MTA: Who has been the toughest fighter you have fought in your career?

Regian: Pff hard question, I think it was my first fight in China against a Chinese fighter named Nu Erla. I got my first 8 count in the 1st round, I had almost the chicken legs haha. But I KO’d him in the second round with a headkick.

MTA: If you could fight anyone who has ever competed in their prime, doesn’t matter if they are retired now. Who would it be and why?

Regian: This is also a hard question. I would like to fight Tyrone Spong when he was my weight class. He was the best in the Netherlands (best in the world in my opinion) when he was fighting at super middleweight.

MTA: You are very intimidating in the ring. I assume you don’t just train all the time waiting for the chance to hurt your next opponent. What do you like to do outside of Kickboxing and Muay Thai for fun.

Regian: Beside training I work Monday till Friday from 08.00 till 17.00 so I don’t have a lot of time. But when I have time I like to eat good, traveling like seeing different country’s and most of all just laying in my bed and watch Netflix.

MTA: Any words for your supporters?

Regian: Keep following my journey because when I fight you will see a warrior entering the battlefield. Follow me on Instagram: Koolhydraat and Facebook: Regian Eersel.


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