Referee Gets Knocked Out By Spinning Back Fist

Referee gets knocked out by spinning back fist

Being a referee is a difficult job. Not only do your in ring decision affect the outcome of fights, you are also in the line of fire.

More often than not a referee is safe from any of the in ring action, but every now and then they can’t it. There are several videos of referee’s getting punched in the middle of fights, mostly in boxing matches. This one here has to be the first time a referee catches a spinning back fist, and he gets knocked out cold.

The fight taking place was an amateur bout at the Lebanese Muay Thai Arab Championship in Beirut, Lebanon. He gets in close to break up the fighters when one of them lets a spinning back fist fly and it is good night for the ref. The knock out was pretty bad and several people run into the ring to aid the referee as the two fighters continue to fight on. Talk about being focused as they didn’t notice the referee had been knocked out.  Now that is what you call a rough day at the office.

Check out the video of the knock out.



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