Reece McAllister talks upcoming fight with Fabio Pinca

Reece McAllister

Reece McAllister will be headlining the Tanko Main Event on May 14th in Bolton, England. In the ring with him will be Fabio Pinca, arguably France’s best and most notable fighter.

It is a bout featuring a seasoned veteran vs. the next wave. Reece is one of England’s top fighters and at only 24 year of age has already fought fighters like Charlie Peters, Tim Thomas, and Mike Zambidis. Brought into Muay Thai by his father who is also his coach, Reece is poised to make his mark on Muay Thai. Already a Top King Tournament champion, a win over Fabio Pinca would catapult him to the next tier in the world of Muay Thai.

Reece was kind enough to give us some time for this interview where he talks about his upcoming bout with Fabio and training with his father.

MTA: Big fight coming up against Fabio Pinca at the Tanko Main Event. What were your initial thoughts when offered this fight?

Reece McAllister: My first thoughts when I was offered the fight against Pinca was that it was a great opportunity to fight him with the reputation he has. Also with it being on home soil on one of the best shows in the country was also an honour.

MTA: What do you think Fabio’s biggest advantage in the fight if any?

Reece McAllister: I don’t think he has any real advantage as such over me, but if anything he has maybe a bit more experience than me, but I believe in my ability and my team to come out on top.

MTA: Where do you feel you hold an advantage over Fabio?

Reece McAllisterReece McAllister: I feel as though youth is on my side as an advantage. I’m young and hungry for this fight and I am more than capable to take the win.

MTA: How has your training camp for this fight been going, and is anything different being done for this fight?

Reece McAllister: Training so far for the fight has been going great, feeling strong and still have 3 weeks left to go. Every time I fight me and my Dad/Coach make a game plan for my opponent so nothing has changed just created a new game plan for Pinca.

MTA: You mentioned your dad is your coach. How is that, does it make training and fighting easier for you?

Reece McAllister: My dad being my trainer is great, it’s hard as he is always on my case but I accept that as I know he only wants the best for me and is pushing me to my limits so he knows I will be ready to face whatever is put in my way. We have a great bond, we always sit down and create a game plan for each fight and I believe in the game plan and what my dad is saying so it makes it easier

MTA: How was it that you got started with Muay Thai?

Reece McAllister: I started Muay Thai at a young age with my dad being a fighter also, he started off by teaching me a little bit in the house and then he opened a gym to start teaching me and I had my first junior fight at the age of 8.

MTA: What is your proudest moment as a fighter this far into your career?

Reece McAllister: My proudest moment in this sport was when I won the TopKing World Series Tournament and became TopKing a World Champion and celebrating the win with my Farther in my corner.

MTA: You should have home field advantage in this fight; do you actually think that plays any role?

Reece McAllister: I don’t believe in home field advantages as there is only me and Pinca in that ring. It has nothing to do with fans/supporters on the outcome of the fight; it is down to the fighter to win.

MTA: It seems you are now on everyone’s radar, do you feel any added pressure because of that and how do you deal with it?

Reece McAllisterReece McAllister: No I don’t feel any added pressure because I’m on people’s radar because I believe in my team and my ability to perform. I am happy to fight with anyone in my weight class and never swerve a fight.

MTA: You already have some other big fights lined up, how do you keep focused on the current task at hand?

Reece McAllister: I take each fight as it comes I have some really big fights this year, but I only concentrate on one fight at a time and each time I fight I have a different game plan for every opponent. I just work on my game plan that is for my first fight then it will change after that fight that’s how I concentrate on the task at hand.

Reece Mcallister vs Fabio Pinca will take place at The Tanko Main Event on May 14th. Tickets and information are available at


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