New Camera Angle Shows Conor McGregor Punched Khabib’s Teammate First

Khabib made sure to utilize his ground game and completely dominated Conor McGregor at UFC 229

Every martial art fan around the world is all eyes at what was tagged as the biggest fight in the history of MMA.

UFC’s undefeated lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov has just defeated former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor via fourth-round submission in a rear-naked choke in Las Vegas. 

If you have been following the news, you know for sure about how Khabib jumped out and attacked Conor’s teammate after the fight, as well as how a Team Khabib guy went inside the Octagon and sucker-punched the Irish fighter while observing the whole thing.

But as we all know, there are two sides to a story and two angles to a footage. A new video has emerged showing what was not shown on the official coverage of the fight.

Apparently, after Khabib jumped out of the ring, the official video coverage shifted camera angles to focus on the Russian fighter attacking Dillon Danis.

Conor McGregor was attacked inside the cage, apparently, though, this wasn’t the full story

New Angle Of The UFC 229 Brawl Video At Bottom Of The Article

On another video from a member of the audience, McGregor visibly tried to follow Khabib out of the Octagon to join the brawl. When a crew from inside tried to stop him, he attacked a member of his opponent’s team instead.

Initial news reports stated that a member of Team Khabib attacked McGregor first. The man apparently entered the ring to attack McGregor from behind, unaware.

After this recent video came out, it turns out “The Notorious” swung at a Team Khabib member first.

Twitter user Ram Gilboa uploaded the footage but disclaimed ownership of it. According to him, someone who doesn’t want to get disclosed recorded the video. After the ugly brawl, security personnel were able to subdue the fight, escorting Khabib out of the ring. UFC executive Reed Harris has also escorted Danis out of the arena.

Since most people have only seen the initial video, there have been calls for UFC President Dana White to strip off Khabib from the title he just excellently won. However, after it turned out how McGregor swung at a Team Khabib guy first, fans are furious at who to favour.

White, on the other hand, is not so happy about Khabib, failing to recognize McGregor’s assault as well. 

Watch the other side of the story below:

“A lot of bad stuff, that should not have happened. All hell broke loose. I’m disgusted. I met with Conor and he’s OK, he’s upset about the fight…” Said UFC president Dana White.

“I did not see that coming. We had so much security. God knows what is going to happen to Khabib.”

As of now, what we know is Khabib has not worn his lightweight belt yet. White refused to award it for security purposes.


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