Prison Fight Documentary Featuring Sean McNabb

Thai prison fights have become a very popular topic ever since Vice Fightland released their documentary three years ago.

It is with good reason because the subject matter is fascinating. Prisoners get a chance to fight for freedom or shorter sentences against outsiders.

While surfing YouTube in search of the trailer for the new Showtime documentary on Thai prison fights, I saw video listed that was titled Prison Fight. In the brief description before clicking the video I read the name Sean McNabb. The name sounded familiar to me for some reason, but couldn’t figure out why.

I clicked on the video and as soon as I saw Sean’s face I recognized him. Sean is a Canadian Nak Muay that trained at Siam No. 1 with powerhouses Simon Marcus and Matt Embree. I am not 100% sure but I believe he now he trains with Clifton Brown in Toronto.

I decided to watch the documentary and really enjoyed it. It focuses on Sean’s prison fight with Komkit Ketnawk and his mindset going into the fight. It is very interesting to see how he mentally prepares himself for the bout, as well as finding out about Komkit’s past. I also really enjoyed how they filmed the parts of the fight.

(Click next to watch Prison Fight featuring Sean McNabb)


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