Mortal Combat: Inside The World’s Most Terrifying Prison Fight Clubs

    Prison fight clubs are rampant…

    Prison fight clubs are a growing problem. Some prisons, particularly in England, have garnered global attention after videos of these organized fights were uploaded to social media…

    Whats the first rule of prison fight club? Beating the sh*t out of the other guy, apparently, and it seems the second rule is you have to upload the video to social media. At least, that appears to be the case judging by a number of recent reports.

    Fighting in prison is by no means a new phenomenon. When you place a group of angry, often violent and sometimes insane humans in an enclosed space, the result is more often than not violence.

    However, a number of leaked videos from within prison walls across the globe have led to widespread concern, even political intervention in some cases. How have these cases come to light? The videos were uploaded to social media.

    British Prison Fight Club

    Shocking video footage showed an organized and extremely violent prison fight club at HMP Featherstone. Already known for spats of violence and heavy drug use, Featherstone’s mortal combat-style conditions came to light after the above video surfaced online.

    Disturbing, perhaps even more than prisoner-rigged events, are the fight clubs organized by prison guards. During a high profile case in San Francisco is still underway after 2015 charges were pressed against two prison guards for forcing inmates to fight.

    As told by a disturbing report on Inquisitr:

    The prosecutors, however, had a very different story. Asserting that Neu had threatened to taze the prisoners unless they participated in the fight club. He had even forced a 150-pound prisoner to fight his 350-pound cellmate by offering the larger of the two a cheeseburger if he won, according to the prosecution.

    “I can only describe this as an outrageously sadistic scenario that sounds like it’s out of Game of Thrones.” Adachi said. A recording of the lighter-weight inmate, Rico Palikiko Garcia, was played by Adachi on Thursday. in which he described “deputies betting against me and forcing me to fight, and if I don’t fight then he’s basically telling me that he was going to beat me up, cuff me up, ‘Tase’ me all at once”.

    Two prison inmates in New Zealand square up to box bareknuckle

    Harsh Reality of Prison Fights

    Unfortunately, most maximum security prisons are overpopulated, understaffed and often extremely corrupt. These types of horrendous conditions will likely continue without any form of control.

    New Zealand, as well as the USA and UK, has also suffered from a bout of prison fight clubs lately. Again, nothing new, but the results are shocking:

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