Pics: Vitor Belfort Suddenly JACKED Again & The Internet Is Loving It

Vitor Belfort during a simpler time in MMA, a juicer time…

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion and heavyweight tournament winner Vitor Belfort has transformed again. After retiring from MMA after 22 years, ‘The Phenom’ has bulked up all over again…

Brazilian knockout artist Vitor Belfort truly was a spectacle to behold in his younger days. Looking like a thick tree stump at the age of 20, Belfort won the UFC 12 heavyweight tournament with two brutal first round knockouts.

After winning and losing the UFC light-heavyweight belt in 2004, ‘The Phenom’ headed east to compete in Pride FC. The promotion was infamous for lax drug testing, but Belfort fought at Pride 32, an event held in Las Vegas. The Nevada Athletic Commission caught Belfort using steroids.

Suddenly looking a lot more out of shape, Belfort was unable to compete in Nevada for the following five years. Once he returned to the UFC in 2009, he was physically very different.

Then came the fabled ‘TRTitor.’

TRTitor-The most dangerous type of Vitor

TRTitor & Beyond

Until February 2014, the UFC and commissions actually allowed fighters to take testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). For fighters that had abused steroids their entire career, low T-levels were common.

Once Belfort got on the treatment and became TRTitor, he suddenly pulled out three of the most insane knockouts you’ve ever seen, and he was jacked as f*ck while doing. Then came the banning of TRT and the USADA era.

Belfort evolved once again and became dad bod Vitor.

Vitor Belfort looking like a middle-aged couch potato

Vitor Belfort Retires

After getting obliterated by countryman Lyoto Machida, Belfort decided to retire earlier this year. After such a long and storied career, ‘The Phenom’ decided to devote himself to family life.

The above picture was not the final evolution of Vitor, though, as he now appears to be absolutely jacked AF again.

Check out the latest pic of Vitor, who may be bringing TRTitor out of retirement again:

Internet Reactions

Clearly, fans of TRTitor are ecstatic at the ripped Brazilian returning to his previous form. Although he won;t be pulling off any spinning head kick KO’s like he did against Luke Rockhold, it’s still amusing countless fans on Reddit and

“Bellator better sign TRT Vitor”

“The man may hate USADA but he sure loves the mirror! This’ll show those ferret-like Nutella eaters!!”

“And they say steroids don’t help you make muscles”

Steroids: How effective are they?

  • They’re really fucking effective

They’ve done studies that showed people gained muscle mass and lost fat by literally doing nothing different except taking steroids.

And then armchair experts on reddit come by and say “steroids don’t make you a better fighter”. They literally do.

“Woah, Vitor – you look jacked – what are you on?”



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