PHOTOS: Muay Thai Hero Buakaw Became a Monk

    Photo: Banchamek Gym

    Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek became a monk recently. Yep, you read it right, one of the most talented Thai boxers of our generation donned an orange robe and shaved completely bald…

    Buakaw Banchamek, previously known as Buakaw Por Pramuk, is one of the most dangerous fighters Muay Thai has ever seen. Making his debut in the sport of Thai boxing some 28 years ago, Buakaw has been fighting since he was just six years old.

    Incredibly conditioned with a granite chin and possessing incredible kicks and elbows, he became a multiple weight Muay Thai and K-1 champion. Amazingly, the sport of Muay Thai is not Buakaw’s only past time.

    As well as being a Thai boxer, the Thai boxing legend spends his time playing professional football and also became a Buddhist monk recently. No, we are not making it up, and there’s even photo and video to prove the story.

    Buakaw Banchamek was ordained as a monk…

    Why Was He Ordained as a Monk?

    Although it sounds strange, it most certainly is true. Buakaw was ordained as a Buddhist monk in Bangkok, Thailand during a period paying tribute to the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej.

    After passing away in October 2016, the remains of Bhumibol Adulyadej were cremated exactly one year later. In honor of the late king, Buakaw underwent the transition to Buddhist monk and spent nine days at Bang Waek Temple in Phasi Charoen repenting.

    The video of the ceremony was posted to the Banchamek gym page:

    Current Streak

    Although 36 years old and a veteran of over 270 fights, Buakaw continues to compete. He has only tasted defeat once in his last 11 outings.

    Check out some more pics of Buakaw’s ceremony in Bangkok:

    Buakaw the Muay Thai monk

    From Wikipedia:

    Sombat Banchamek (Thai: สมบัติ บัญชาเมฆ, born May 8, 1982) AKA Buakaw Banchamek (Thai: บัวขาว บัญชาเมฆ, Buakaw meaning “white lotus”) is a Thai Kuy descent welterweight Muay Thai kickboxer, who formerly fought out of Por. Pramuk Gym, in Bangkok, Thailand, under the ring name Buakaw Por. Pramuk(Thai: บัวขาว ป.ประมุข).

    He is the former two-time Omnoi Stadium champion, Lumpini Stadium Toyota Marathon champion, Thailand Featherweight champion and two time K-1 World MAX champion. As of 1 August 2017, he is ranked the #5 lightweight in the world by

    In addition, Buakaw also played professional football as a forward in Regional League Division 2 for RBAC F.C.

    Buakaw riding in a parade…

    Buakaw has collected several belts to his name fighting in Bangkok. The Omnoi Stadium featherweight title was his first belt. After that, he would go on to take the featherweight champion of Thailand title.

    Buakaw then proceeded to win another Omnoi Stadium title belt, this time in the lightweight division. In December 2002, he won the Toyota Marathon 140 lb. tournament at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, beating the highly regarded Satoshi Kobayashi of Japan in the finals.

    He started his fighting career at the age of eight in his home province of Surin in the northeastern Thailand. He moved to Chachoengsao when he was 15 and trained with the Por. Pramuk Gym. His first fight name was Damtamin Kiat-anan.


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