Oscar De La Hoya Just Challenged Dana White To Fight Him

oscar de la hoya
Oscar De La Hoya and Dana White’s beef has been ongoing for some time now…

The feud is escalating as former boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya continues to trash Dana White. The UFC president released another brutal statement yesterday, and now De La Hoya has thrown down the gauntlet…

The spat between UFC president Dana White and Oscar De La Hoya continues to develop today. Just yesterday a back-and-forth of interviews featuring the two promoters were doing the rounds.

Oscar De La Hoya again accused Dana White of underpaying fighters in the UFC. White would respond with a somewhat interesting statement. The UFC president actually released the details of Chuck Liddell’s salary since retiring from fighting.

This struck a nerve as “The Iceman” had recently come out of retirement to face Tito Ortiz in an ill-fated trilogy fight promoted by Oscar De La Hoya. White’s figures were as follows:

source: MMA Refresh on Twitter

White’s Comments Yesterday

Here’s what White said yesterday when asked about De La Hoya’s pay comments:

“He’s a phoney and God help anybody who wants to go fight for Golden Boy. These fighters are grown, men and women. All they have to do is take one meeting with Oscar De La Hoya and they’ll see what he knows about MMA, which is absolutely [expletive] nothing.”

“The guy wants to come out and tell lies and say things that make no sense when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He knows nothing about this sport. He doesn’t know the [expletive] guys’ names who are fighting on his card. He’s a liar.”

It sounds as though De La Hoya has had enough of talking, and now wants to fight. During an interview with Luke Thomas, “The Golden Boy” challenged Dana White to a boxing match:

“Sounds defensive, let’s get in the ring. Why not? Three rounds, let’s do this, we can do it on the Canelo card on May 4th. I will even give you five months so you can get off the juice. We can get in great shape and we can go three rounds. I am giving you a fifty-pound advantage, but it’s OK I can take you on. Let’s do it. Oh wait, he has never laced up a glove in his life.”

Needless to say, we all want to see this.


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