Ognjen Topic Fighting in Thailand

Ognjen Topic is the Lion Fight lightweight champion, and is regarded one of the best fighters from the United States. He does something a lot of champions might not think of doing, he travels to Thailand to train and takes fights against all opposition. This video is his latest fight in Thailand in which he lost a decision. We were able to get a quote from Ognjen as to why he doesn’t play it safe and just wait for his next title defense.

“I strive to take advantage of my full potential. I am an introspective individual and I’m hardly ever satisfied with my results—I want more and always want to be better. This is what gives me the drive to keep challenging myself regardless of being a champion. Yes It’s mentally overwhelming to lose fights against the Thais but past experiences have taught me that if I continue working hard, stay disciplined then my time will eventually come. It’s not guaranteed, but these are the keys to success. I am a work in progress, and I believe that I am on the right path for continued improvement.”

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