We Have A New KO Of The Year Candidate

Muay Thai and MMA fighter Gaston Bolaños has thrown his name into the running for KO of the year.

This is something that shouldn’t surprise anyone because Bolaños has made his career delivering highlight reel knockouts. The Muay Thai veteran is only three fights into his MMA career and just like in Muay Thai, he is looking to make highlight material when finishing his MMA fights.

Bolaños took on Rick Gutierrez in the Bellator 189 prelims and ended things in the first round. Bolaños is known for his spinning attacks, and like clock work he delivered in this fight. He connected with a spinning elbow that sent Gutierrez down face first and he was out cold.

Check out the KO below and let us know if you think it is the KO of the year.


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