New Camera Angle Shows Just How Hard Deontay Wilder Hit Tyson Fury

tyson fury deontay wilder
Tyson Fury recovered form a nasty knockdown in the 12th round. Image Source: The Guardian.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder clashed on Saturday to provide the most electrifying heavyweight bout of the year. Since that night in Los Angeles, California, this past weekend, everyone is talking about the heavyweight division again…

Whether it was the action-packed last half of the fight or the controversy of the scorecards, Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury was an incredible night. While Fury looked to box circles around Wilder, the latter attempted to land his trademark knockout punches.

In round 9, Fury got a taste of that power as he hit the canvas from a clipping right hand. Although he got up to easily beat the count, it was clear the punch had wobbled “The Gypsy King.”

Until round 12, Fury was able to compose himself, land the jab at will and avoid most of Wilder’s punches by slipping against the ropes.

tyson fury deontay wilder
It was power vs. technique as Fury and Wilder locked horns…

The Punch That Changed The Entire Fight

Albeit thanks to some questionable judging, the outcome of the fight was arguably changed completely by the knockdown in round 12. During a dramatic swerve of events, Deontay Wilder landed a monstrous right hand/left hook combo.

Fury dropped, seemingly flat out cold, although he would later state he was gathering himself to ensure he didn’t stumble while beating the count. As he rose to his feet, Wilder was clearly in disbelief.

After watching this new camera angle footage, I have to say I am also in disbelief:


Needless to say, Fury’s chin is unquestionable. We’ve seen big punches like that from Wilder before, and they have always ended up with a knockout finish. Now talk has turned to the rematch.

With neither side initially committing to a date or even to rematching, the obvious talk of where Anthony Joshua fits in has started. The IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion was called ‘scared’ by both Wilder and Fury after they fought.

What a night for boxing and combat sports, even with the shady scoring, the world is once again abuzz with the heavyweights of boxing.


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