Nathan Adams Talks Triumphant 1 Fight With Charles Rodriguez

Nathan Adams will be looking to put the American Muay Thai scene on notice when he fights Charles Rodriguez at Triumphant 1.

The Eugene, Oregon based fighter might not be known to many, but he hopes to change that with a stellar performance on September 29th at the Graton Resort and Casino.

The Oregon Muay Thai scene has been growing and Nathan is one of the Nak Muay’s at the front of the Oregon Muay Thai scene. California has long been a hot bed for Muay Thai but their friends to the north in Oregon are looking to put their stamp on things.

Nathan took some time from his training to talk to us about his upcoming fight, Muay Thai in Oregon, and some other things. Enjoy!

MTA: You have a fight against Charles Rodriguez on September 29th at Triumphant 1. How has training been going for the fight?

Nathan: Training has been going great. I have had the best camp of my career so far. I have had solid team to work with, a lot of high level pros.

MTA: You two fought before as amateurs and you won by KO. Do you think there is anything from that fight that you can carry over to this fight that will be useful, or do you expect a completely different fight?

Nathan: I actually have not fought Charles, that was my team mate Adam Fugitt. But yes I believe it will play a roll in the fight. I don’t think it will be a big part but it will be in his head. Me and Adam are very different fighters so it will be a much different fight then theirs was.

MTA: What would you say is your biggest advantage entering the fight?

Nathan: The biggest advantage I have if the fact no one really knows too much about me or my style. I think I may get looked passed a bit or over looked but that would be a mistake.

MTA: What gym do you represent?

Nathan: I represent Thongsai MT and Art of war in Eugene Oregon.

MTA: When did you start training and why?

Nathan: I started training about 6 years ago. I wanted to better myself physically and mentally.

MTA: You are fighting Charles in his backyard. How much of an advantage do you think it is for him to have the crowd on his side?

Nathan: I think having the crowd in your corner is always nice and helpful but I also know how his crowd gets, I have been to a few fight cards where Charles has fought on so it won’t be a surprise for me what I’ll be walking into.

MTA: How is the Muay Thai scene in Oregon?

Nathan Adams
Photo by Ashley Grogan

Nathan: The Muay Thai scene in Oregon has came a long way the last couple years but we still have a ways to go. We have put on a few fight cards that have won over the city’s fight fans.

MTA: How would you describe your style of fighting?

Nathan: I would describe my style as calculated, I have fought differently depending on the opponent, sometimes aggrieve other times laid back but always calculated in the attack.

MTA: You mentioned not many people know you. How important is it for you to make a statement in this fight so that the American Muay Thai scene starts become aware?

Nathan: Very important, it’s huge! This is a big opportunity for me to showcase my skills on a well organized promotion against a tough and game opponent in front of a big fight scene like Cali

MTA: Who are some of the fighters you like to watch and have influenced you as a fighter?

Nathan: I can honestly say I try to pull a little bit of everything from each fighter I watch. It’s hard for me to pick one or a couple fighters when I like to watch them for different reasons.

MTA: The mental part of the fight game is just as important as the physical. Do you do any type of mental preparation before your fights?

Nathan: Mental is a very big part of the game, so yes I try to involve mental preparation to my prepping for the fight, pushing my cardio and mental a little farther every day. Visualizing both good and bad situations and how I would handle them.

MTA: Any prediction you would like to make?

Nathan: My prediction is that It will be a fight you won’t want to miss.

MTA: Any words for your supporters?

Nathan: Yes, I would like to thank everyone that has either helped or supported me on this career. I am truly blessed to have such an awesome and supportive family at home, which consist of my beautiful wife Brittany and my wonderful daughters Maddison and Penellope. And a big shout out to my gym and fight family from Art of war and Thongsai MT big things coming from the small town of Eugene Oregon!


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