Unlicensed Muay Thai vs. Wing Chun Fight Turns Ugly Quick

If you love martial arts one of the best things to watch is style vs. style fights. Which style is the best is a question that has been around for ages with no definitive answer. Here are two examples of how these fights can vary drastically. You can never judge a style off of one fight.

In the first video, you see a fighter that trains Muay Thai vs. a self-proclaimed Wing Chun practitioner. Classic martial arts such as Wing Chun, Aikido, and several others have often been criticized as not being useful in actual combat. That is something that in my personal opinion depends on the martial artist. The two fighters meet in a dojo and have people there referring the fight. As soon as the fight starts it is very clear that the Muay Thai trained fighter’s skills are superior.

This fight is the perfect example as to why you don’t critique an entire martial art off one dojo challenge. The so-called Wing Chun practitioner seems like a deer in headlights. The only thing he does that remotely resembles Wing Chun is his stance, and even that is not very good.

Nasty Finish

This is not a sanctioned fight, but if you are going to have someone there to referee and make sure things don’t get out of control they need to do just that. This fight was over as soon as it started. This fight should have been stopped immediately. The so-called Wing Chun practitioner had no business fighting anyone.

On the other side of the spectrum is this next video. Here you see another Muay Thai vs. Wing Chun fight. Unlike in the first video, the Wing Chun practitioner actually knows what he is doing. This is what you expect from someone who says they train and study Wing Chun. Calm cool collective and the ability to attack. The Muay Thai fighter is clearly in over his head in this video, but unlike the first video, he at least seems like he possesses some ability. The Wing Chun practitioner is very aggressive and immediately has the Muay Thai practitioner moving backward. Despite the Muay Thai fighters attempts at fighting back and stopping the Wing Chun practitioners forward movement, he can’t seem to slow the man down.

One thing that is important in any combat situation, regardless of it being in the gym, ring or street is that you must always be aware of your surroundings. The Muay Thai fighter clearly doesn’t do this as he doesn’t realize he is backing up into the wall. Normally that wouldn’t be too bad as long as he can move out, but in this case, this wall has a mirror attached to it. As expected he backs right into it as he is being attacked the mirror shatters. No one sustains any injuries, but with glass falling either fighter could have been hurt. Especially the Muay Thai fighter as he was directly under it.

Check out the video right here.

Styles Battle

If you are like me and you love watching style vs. style videos. Just remember that you can’t judge a style based on one person. Here you have to Wing Chung practitioners and Muay Thai fighters that aren’t similar at all. The first Wing Chun guy seems to be timid and afraid, while the second clearly has no problem engaging in combat.

Which style is your favorite?


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