WATCH: Muay Thai Fighter Keeps Breaking Rules During Fight And Gets Jumped

When most people break the rules during fights they don’t expect to catch a beating because it.

In this fight there is a foreigner fighting Muay Thai and he continuously keeps breaking the rules. He eventually pays the price for cheating. Before we get to that, let’s look at what we are dealing with.

The Thai fighter in this video is likely retired, and simply fights to make some money. It is basically a tune up fight for the foreigner. The foreigner clearly out weighs him by a good 15 pounds, and the size difference is very noticeable. For whatever reason the foreigner is really out of control, he tries to hit the Thai fighter after they go down on several occasions. Once then it could be labeled an accident but more than once is definitely intentional.

For anyone not familiar with Muay Thai rules, there is no striking on the ground and when the referee breaks up the action you need to stop. The foreigner is not very skilled, but he is able to use his size to bully the smaller Thai around. At first he tosses him to the ground and then proceeds to deliver punches to the downed fighter. Eventually they are up against the ropes and it looks as if they are going to flip out of the ring when the referee grabs them to break up the action.

Muay Thai is about respect and honor.

In a total scum ball move the foreigner begins to punch the Thai while the referee is holding them. At this point he is not just disrespecting the fighter but the sport as well. He then drags him to the ground and continues to hit him. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back as other fighters jump in the ring and start beating up the foreigner and the referee even jumps in on the action and delivers some kicks before order is restored.

That is what you call karma. The foreigner didn’t respect the rules of Muay Thai and ended up paying the price. Did he deserve getting beat up by more than one person? Maybe not, but when in a foreign land, respecting the culture is crucial. As you can see in this video he clearly crossed a line.

Check out the video below and let us know if you thought he deserved the beating he got.


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