Muay Thai Drills You Need To Be Doing

There are various drills you can do to improve your Muay Thai skill set. Our friends over at Evolve MMA put together a nice list with videos of drills you need to be doing for Muay Thai.

Check out a few of them below. Let us know if you already implement any of these in your training.

You can see the full list at Evolve MMA.

1) Shadow boxing

Probably the number one drill for improving your martial arts striking skills, and almost certainly the most under utilized, shadow boxing quite simply is the simulation of a fight performed completely by yourself. It’s an opportunity for you to practice your strikes, defense, movement, cardio, and footwork all at once. To get yourself started, begin by moving around in a space similar to the size of a small boxing ring. Focus on staying balanced and not crossing your feet, throwing attacks in combination and with proper form and discipline. If you can do so with a mirror, so much the better! It might look like you’re fighting an army of invisible ninjas, but it’s really an opportunity for you to work the full range of your techniques at a realistic speed. At first, you may feel like your not getting it, or that you don’t look quite right, but that’s exactly what it’s for. Perhaps the best part about it is that you don’t need a partner to do it, so for those of us with busy lifestyles or travel commitments, finding a few minutes here and there to improve is easy.

2) Dutch drills

A term coined by the world renowned Thai boxers from Holland, Dutch drills up the ante when it comes to practicing your techniques in a fight-realistic way. Best performed while wearing gloves and shin pads, the goal is to perform a combination at high intensity with a moving and defending partner. Mind you, the goal isn’t to strike hard, but fast, and accurately. A classic example would be the famous jab, cross, lead hook, low kick combination. Your partner covers up to defend, and you work on shot placement and fluidity, before defending yourself and letting your partner take their turn. To get the most out of this drill, try to move around using correct footwork between attacks to get as close to fight-realism as possible, while keeping the power low to protect your most valuable asset, your training partner.


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