MMA KO of the Week: Tank Abbott vs Steve Nelmark

MMA has had some great knockouts through out the years and will deliver many more. In the promotions early days, before the UFC was the billion dollar sports league it is today it was not full of athletes with chiseled physiques, there were guys like Tank Abbott.

At first glance Tank Abbott didn’t look a like a professional fighter, more like someone that you wouldn’t want to fight on the streets. Abbott was an early fan favorite in the UFC because of his ability to deliver brutal knockouts, none more brutal than his knockout of Steve Nelmark at UFC: The Ultimate Ultimate 2. The fight took place in December of 1996 in Alabama.

In the semi-finals of the heavyweight tournament Abbott and Nelmark locked horns. Both had won their quarterfinal bouts by stoppage, Abbott by submission due to punches and Nelmark by submission due to a choke. It didn’t take much more than a minute for this bout to be over. In what has to be one of the most brutal looking knockouts in all combat sports history a right from Abbott crumpled Nelmark like a pretzel. It is a sight to be seen if you haven’t watched some of the UFC’s earlier fights.

Check out the brutal KO below which is this weeks MMA Knockout of the Week.


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